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Macworld Boston 1997-The Microsoft Deal

by tom44 on September 27, 2012

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Here we see Steve Jobs & the almost bankrupt at the time Apple Computer making a temporary deal with Bill Gates & Microsoft. The crowd was not too happy about it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 thoughts on “Macworld Boston 1997-The Microsoft Deal

  1. ZeroexeX says:

    @ 1:00 – 1:10 “there was some patent disputes.. I know”
    Apple was being sued and pressured by MS because they infringed on many patents MS had on windows and software. And in the video Steve jobs laughs cuz thats unfair.

    What do you call it then, when? Apple sued Samsung 1 billoin over cellphone software patents????
    Freaken hypocrites. >_>

  2. Lukaz1989 says:

    I felt a shiver? run down my spine

  3. bkay248 says:

    Basically,? steve balmer dances about on the stage telling us about how much he loves microsoft.

  4. bkay248 says:

    3:06 what a? quote

  5. Skyrodude says:

    The audience? is so fucking stupid…

  6. Moonwalker917 says:

    No,apple was good back then,producing quality products.
    Now it’s an expensive piece of ship (apple store only for apps, itunes? is needed, alot of compatibility issues)

  7. Moonwalker917 says:

    *are? stupid

  8. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    Does Microsoft have any conferences like MacWorld, WWDC, etc? I’ve seriously never heard of one, nor seen any? announcements. I’d love to see what they are talking about. Or don’t they have such a culture?

  9. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    Why, because they hate you? and Microsoft? Sure.

  10. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    They were worst back then, but now they are just as bad? Nice? sentence.

  11. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    You’re lying to yourself if you mean the measly 150 million investment. If? that’s what you think you should try to get un-brainwashed.

  12. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    IE is a horrible browser, it makes the lives of developers miserable. I understand that “normal” PC users? don’t understand the impact that IE has on us. But you must understand that without us, your browser is worthless seeing as you wouldn’t have any websites to browse. Internet Explorer is around 6 years behind Safari/Chrome/Firefox in terms of rendering technology, which forces developers that have to make websites “Internet Explorer compliant” to write fucked up old broken code. It suck ass.

  13. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    How about Apple made Microsoft what it is today, then got backstabbed by stealing the Apple GUI and then got “saved” by Microsoft? I love how Microsoft’s minions can only remember the so called “bailout”. It’s too bad Apple ever? let Microsoft in to their company as software developers. If only they kept that plague company out, Microsoft might not be as they are today.

  14. Hadouken Tatsumaki says:

    Please elaborate on “saving your ass”. Microsoft wouldn’t? even be here at this level if it weren’t for Apple considering they practically stole the Apple GUI, re-implemented it in their own OS and called it Windows. There’s two sides of the coin, man.

  15. 0180052230001 says:

    estupido bill gates?

  16. Shmerrick says:

    God, this is? too funny.

  17. haffoxtrot says:

    Forgot us few that run Linux.?

  18. antaloliver says:

    @buffalobobby I like IE and its the only? internet browser i use! 😛

  19. giannisgtpomg3lol says:

    in which year this happened???

  20. Jeremy Prunty says:

    and yet everybody thinks he’s? an innovative role model…

  21. Kevin Corcoran says:

    Bill Gates is one of the most selfless people on the earth. The exact opposite of steve jobs.?

  22. Kevin Corcoran says:

    IE On the MAC? How embarressing APple……?

  23. AGrandt says:

    2:50 “Since we believe in choice”

    Since when?
    Apple hate giving their users? choices.

  24. hugz2def says:

    i’m tired of people saying Steve saved Apple, should start saying Steve AND Bill? saved Apple

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