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Macworld 1998: Steve Jobs talks about Apples return

by tom44 on November 9, 2012

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New York – July 8, 1998.The Macworld event inaugurated a competition (produced by Double Exposure) called the National Macintosh Gaming Championship, which challenged attendees to play games for a number of premium prize packages. The event continued in 1999 in San Francisco, and was terminated after the New York show in 2000 to make way for the Apple Gaming Pavilion. Source:
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13 thoughts on “Macworld 1998: Steve Jobs talks about Apples return

  1. 2010producerx says:

    24:47 Jonny? Ive with hair and a moustache!

  2. jgmenino says:

    0:07:42 – And what once was near? $2 billion, currently is $623.5 billion!

  3. Rene Hupfer says:

    “Only available in the Macintosh Version of.. Internet? Explorer” This guy seems a little nervous haha

  4. Rene Hupfer says:

    IE is just a Netscape rip off, that’s why Bill Gates isn’t allowed to work for Microsoft as CEO, anymore. Steve knew IE is crap, but he? let it be on the Macintosh, to get Apple back to were it once was.

  5. Rene Hupfer says:

    Same for? Bluray, besides it really won’t catch on.

  6. hromi says:

    IE? is my browser of choice 😀 this was part of the deal between mighty Microsoft but it didnt really work and it got obsolete, that says something about Mac fans, this is why is Mac different and insanely? great 😉 The last video shows how great marketing company Apple really is!

  7. Haoyen Shih says:

    wow the applause on? the 56k modem!

  8. Fedjapedia says:

    saving a complete? website .. how cool is that?! lol

  9. TheNathanChronicles says:

    “We introduced our desktop pro product…*CUT TO WIZARD OF OZ*” WHAT THE HELL? WAS THE PRO PRODUCT?!?!?!?! -_-

  10. emena07 says:

    “I? use IE and I like it.” @17:34 Funny hearing that now in 2012.


    We sadly? know the year to add on that second slide now.

  12. TheNipommu says:


  13. mubd1234 says:

    USB? With such a weird name,? it’ll never catch on.

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