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Lt Col Allen West Fired up Against Illegal Immigration/Amnesty during DC March for Jobs Rally

by tom44 on August 26, 2013

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Allen West.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Col. Allen West Speaking at the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) “D.C. March for Jobs” Rally.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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49 thoughts on “Lt Col Allen West Fired up Against Illegal Immigration/Amnesty during DC March for Jobs Rally

  1. Elizabeth22413 says:

    I do hope you are correct, that such a caliber of leader as the esteemed Dame Thatcher or President Reagan could be amongst us, waiting for the proper time to emerge & help rescue us from the muck in which we find ourselves mired! I absolutely agree with your assessment re the sterling character of LTC Allen; he is truly outspoken, courageous & dead on accurate in? his awareness of the danger “creeping Shariah”, the mullahs of Iran & other dangers we must overcome! Obamageddon, sheesh!!

  2. Paul thecat says:

    Someone once asked where have the leaders gone? Where is Thatcher, where is Reagan- The answer is they are somewhere amongst us, its just that the time hasn’t come when they are needed enough yet, once there is enough of a backlash they will come, because the people will get fed up? one day. I truly believe Allen is as good as Reagan a man who will stand up to Iran, they know he’s a man who wont be messed about, this is why it makes a difference who the president is, not; weak all talk Obama

  3. Elizabeth22413 says:

    Do you reflexive recoil from harsh truth & reality? What? makes LTC West so “mean” as categorized by you? Is it because he pulls no punches & speaks out with a firm, courageous & authoritarian tone?

  4. Elizabeth22413 says:

    I fully concur with your assessment & your assertion: to that end, I do hope Britain & the UK wakes? up from their own collective slumber. I hope you are able to elect some Conservative leadership of your own, before your entire nation is engulfed by those who would have you “submit” to truly reprehensible, nefarious & insidious ideology.

  5. Elizabeth22413 says:

    Amen to that!! God Bless LTC West & I hope that FL recognizes their own cowardice & stupidity in failing to fully investigate the numerous evidences of electoral corruption surrounding the deplorable Dem campaign that ultimately sent West back? home, instead of back to Congress to represent Conservative values & leadership! America desperately needs a real leader of this caliber!!

  6. Elizabeth22413 says:

    What I find most disconcerting is the fact that the Left has managed to impose on the Black Community a complete lack of values, principles & morals that centuries of slavery were unable to eradicate. Slaves used to struggle mightily to retain ties to their own children–thanks to the Left, these same young Black men will deliberately choose to disengage from? any positive interactions with their own flesh & blood! LTC Allen West is truly indicative of the kind of real leadership America needs!!!

  7. Paul thecat says:

    Yep, we haven’t got any decent Conservatives around at the moment sadly, that’s why I love West so much, he espouses? the views of Conservatism perfectly. This guy didn’t grow up in privilege you know, he made it on his own with hard work, which is what Conservatism is all about, you should really admire him and what he stands for- this is what America is supposed to be about, a place where anyone can make it. Not paying people to fail on welfare, with crap schooling.

  8. ffairlane57 says:

    Are you a Brit??

  9. Paul thecat says:

    Don’t be such a wuss, its called sticking to what? the constitution actually says the government is permitted to do. As Milton Friedman pointed out- when you include business regulations, social security, Medicare/ medicate the US is already a 50% socialist country, the government needs a serious haircut. >100,000 people in the department of agriculture alone, please, these people are stealing your taxes.

  10. ffairlane57 says:

    No , he is meaner than a junk? yard dog.

  11. Paul thecat says:

    I love Alan West, we could seriously do with a Conservative like that here in the UK, where our Conservatives are half socialist, what a man,? this is a man who can get things done.

  12. SpidersHateSlayer says:

    Libs boo GOD and chant Hail Satan while arming and funding the Muslimn Brotherhood and backing Al Qaeda and meeting with the Taliban while defunding our military and trying to disarm our? citizenry while trying to completely erase the entire First Amendment.

    Libs cry homophobe out of one side of their mouths and islamophobe out the other.

    That is the same thing as crying anti-semitism and naziphobia at the same time.
    It is 100% insane lunacy.

    Libs are cuckoo for KKK puffs. PERIOD.

  13. SpidersHateSlayer says:

    KKK Libs just want their jihad world order.

    They? hate America and Americans.

  14. Chad Armstrong says:

    The Future :-)? Love this guy, very passionate.

  15. Kansas Hillbillyprepper says:


  16. andinconclusion says:

    Allen West is the guy. 2016, if? not sooner.

  17. Liz Mason says:

    Thank? God, FINALLY!!

  18. donniebrasco24 says:


  19. Sergey Kazantsev says:

    Big shame for Florida, that you guys voted against? this man. Obama doesn’t have any value before this man.

  20. Sergey Kazantsev says:

    We should remember one thing: an independent responsible black person, that doing something positive for society; a black person, caring for his family and loving Lord with all? his soul and might, and His precious word Bible- is a big DANGER FOR LIBS. Libs want for blacks to be agitated forever. When there is no more whites left to blame, libs want blacks shoot each other in gansta wars. Liberals prosper in black people status quo. They hate when black people become like Wayne or Allan.

  21. 5HlNOBI says:

    666 Libs don’t care about any Americans, due to being control? freaks.

  22. Claudia Smith says:


  23. WolfSaviorZX says:

    Democrats don’t care about Black jobs, they care about? Black votes. Not saying GOP is much better but the hypocrisy of Democrats is destroying Black Community and America as a whole

  24. phonefunk says:

    A True American Hero. Col. Allen West.? Good Presidents used to have a military background. Brave Courageous heroes. not community organizers. That’s ridiculous.

  25. rashadkijani says:

    I agree with? what?

  26. scotyluv says:

    So you agree with Mr.? west. That’s good to hear.

  27. rashadkijani says:

    When did I make a accusation of racism or talk about spending? The person I responded to made a accusation of racist or race baiter so if that is what is bothering you, talk to them. If anyone is just going out of there way to be disagreeable to people just cuz they think someone has a different political party or view it is you. You are throwing? out a strawman argument and injecting things I didn’t mention.

  28. scotyluv says:

    Allen West slapped him with common sense and facts. Proving that people like Allen is? the reason we are the greatest superpower that ever existed, and people like Jan Helfeld’s is the reason we will lose that status.

  29. scotyluv says:

    It looks like those white people came out to support the black people and black people did not show up. How is the white people racist. How is anyone there racist? You are not showing your? intelligence with these comments you are posting.

  30. scotyluv says:

    It looks like those white people came? out to support the black people and black people did not show up. How is the white people racist. How is anyone there racist? You are not showing your intelligence with these comments you are posting.

  31. scotyluv says:

    If NAACP had 99% white people , then I still don’t she how it? would be racist against black people.

  32. scotyluv says:

    Christians have faith….? But this is not a religious debate. get on with the proof….We are waiting.

  33. scotyluv says:

    with all that… he is still twice the man you are. Allen West for? 2016!

  34. scotyluv says:

    First off who there is racist. Pick the person out and explain what they did to be racist. joining doesn’t make you racist. I am black and I joined. Who I am I racist against. I am? not even light skinned. Secondly people like you are the reason more blacks don’t show up. Blacks give black a hard time when they have conservative views. You know the most conservative people I know are black and they still vote liberal. Talk about being programmed. They listen to your lies of racism, that’s why.

  35. scotyluv says:

    OK man…This is your proof of racism… Sorry I could not make it to the event to add another black face in the crowd. The message is the same whether there is 1 black face or 100. I would like to see more black faces also then that would mean that we blacks are starting? to wake up and listen. Stop automatically disagreeing with republicans because they are rep. When the rep party says we can’t continue spending more money than we make, that is not racist it is just common damn sense.

  36. EvilStar109 says:

    Anti-American? piece of crap.

  37. EvilStar109 says:

    Racist? faggot.

  38. EvilStar109 says:

    Fuck off you race-baiting faggot! Your kind cause problems for Black and White folks alike? you hateful libturd!

  39. EvilStar109 says:

    As I thought. You got nothing but lies.? Racist freak.

  40. EvilStar109 says:

    Go fuck yourself, libturd!?

  41. EvilStar109 says:

    Fuck off asshole!?

  42. mysock351C says:

    LOL! Only got one line there, boi? Teabagger? What next, yo mamma? Oh please…? I’ve heard them all, jr.

  43. elitemathlete says:

    oh fuck off teabagger, your ‘I know you are but what am I’ argument is powerless against me.?

  44. elitemathlete says:

    Everyone in any relevant locale in this country. The shit red state? hells on earth don’t count.

  45. mysock351C says:

    Only one getting “teabagged” is you. How’s Obama’s salty chocolate raisins taste? on your lips, bitch?

  46. aussieboy77 says:

    No they don’t you liar. Only? leftist jerkoffs like yourself use that term.

  47. elitemathlete says:

    And I think the australian flag is far more disgusting than the? american flag, you anti-american hater.

  48. elitemathlete says:

    Quit blubbering you sissy.

    Everyone calls teabaggers? teabaggers, get over it.

  49. aussieboy77 says:

    The fact that you constantly use words like “teabagger” suggests that you’re as disgusting as your avatar. You’re? a hateful and vile prick. Go away and post your trash on the left-wing commie blogs. There’s plenty of them.

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