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LPN schools in ALbany NY?

by tom44 on May 27, 2014

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Question by Jeremy: LPN schools in ALbany NY?
Are ther any LPN Schools in Albany Ny that is a one year program, If not, is it worth going for a LPN? THanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Charlie
I don’t know if there are any LPN schools there, BUT, it is definitely NOT worth it. LPNs just do not have many job opportunities, mainly just in nursing homes. They get paid dirt and have no chance for advancement. FAR better to go to a 2 year RN program at a community college. then, you can work as an RN, hopefully for a hospital that offers tuition reimbursement. Many nurses do this…and go to a 4 yr. university program that accepts the credits from their 2 yr. program. By doing this, they can get a bachelors degree in nursing in a couple of more years. Pay and job opportunities are far better.

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