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Lowe’s Flashmob – April 4, 2011

by tom44 on November 25, 2012

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In 2010 Lowe’s made .1 billion in profit. In 2011, they are firing full-time workers and rehiring them as part-time workers in order to avoid paying health benefits. We organized an action at the Lowe’s in South Seattle because this is an issue that affects our community.
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12 thoughts on “Lowe’s Flashmob – April 4, 2011

  1. movinfoward says:

    You work at LOWES. Not in healthcare, not in IT, not in Business, but RETAIL. You want a better job? Then get a better? education and get one.

  2. Matthew Massey says:

    Hmmmm???? No Insurance this year!!!! OMG!!!! Oh wait I have my insurance this year. wow!!! You say they laid off there works to part time. That’s not possible if your laid off your not working. Also Part time employee’s to have insurance. Also if you look Lowe’s donates billions of dollars to many organization’s. Oh not including MDA Lowe’s in the number one retailer in the world? to give the most ever in money to MDA.

  3. MJSzeliga says:

    Is this a joke? Seriously? It looks like a bad SNL skit.? LOL. Looks like a group of like maybe 10 bored housewives. Sad they dragged their little kids into it, too. What a bunch of idiots. Seriously.

  4. perrys62008 says:

    Typical SEIU Bullshit. Hey SEIU, F*ck off. I hope every SEIU? employee gets fired from their jobs. They are all POS.

  5. perrys62008 says:

    Typical SEIU Bullshit. Hey SEIU, F*ck off. I hope they fire every damn one of you? POS.

  6. llamaboy8807 says:

    is this? lady retarded? none of her facts are even slightly accurate!

  7. CrazyHermit says:

    this isn’t even a flashmob, its more like a bunch of fatass union thugs? who are disturbing the hell out of people on a typical day

  8. zakneifien says:

    Even if what you’re saying is true, you probably deserve it for voting for Obama. Business need to react to laws that democrats forced down our throats and you got what you deserved.

    With Obama everything has an equal or greater opposite reaction. He passed the stimulus to prevent unemployment from going over 8% and it’s been sitting at nearly 10% for the past two years. There are less people with Health insurance now then before Obamacare was passed. Face it, Liberals are failures.?

  9. Sahwoosh says:

    As a long-standing member of the Rainier Valley community, were this particular Lowe’s store is located, I am glad to have a strong, community focused multi-national retailer here! Did you know that Lowe’s is a partner with Habitat for Humanity and has contributed to the building of nearby homes? Did you know that last year Lowe’s made a substantial donation of products and labor to Aki Kurose school? Besides donating millions in? relief funds to the Japan Earthquake and Katrina disasters!!!

  10. Sahwoosh says:

    FACT: Lowe’s laid off 1 to 2 MANAGER’S per store to HIRE approximately 5-6 sales position employees per store? instead.
    FACT: The new positions created were part-time weekend positions since that’s when the majority of consumers shop for home improvement items.
    FACT: Part-time employees have a complete benefit program, including health care benefits!

  11. Sahwoosh says:

    You look like idiots! If your accusations were true, I would be backing you 100%. Unfortunately, you don’t have ANY of? your facts straight and you’ve set yourself up for a possible slander lawsuit because of it…

  12. aceshi26 says:

    the ceo makes…oh let me pull a figure out of the air…a? hundred and, oh what sounds good, forty times more than what the average worker makes…LMAO!! you look like such an idiot with your unsubstantiated claims. why dont you do your research before you start accusing a multi-national corporation of mistreating their employees. BTW, Lowe’s has THE market leading benefit program for its part time workers. Lowe’s cleared out ONE position PER STORE to make way for an addition of FOUR positions

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