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Los Angeles Nursing Job New grad Difficulty?

by tom44 on May 9, 2013

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Question by jarrey: Los Angeles Nursing Job New grad Difficulty?
I am in high school in los angeles right now and am planning on becomeing a Nurse. I was just wondering if i went to a state school like Cal state Northridge or Cal state LA and get a Bachelors degree in Nursing. Would it be easy to find a job in los angeles? Or what is the difficulty level now? Would going to a better school like Loma Linda help at all? and any tips?

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Answer by Rob
contact your local college for info as it differs.

work 30 -40 hours a week and extra 20 in summers
so u can attend community college paying cash for
the community college Baloney-Salami courses 1st 2yrs
will transfer to state colleges for nursing. this will save u
10,000s$ of debt for garbage fees in state colleges.

as to where u go – do Not matter as long as YOU learn
enough to pass your state licensing boards.

your college will help to get employed.

as to what Nursing will look like after 4 yrs
of nationalized health no way to guess.

do your homework or u may end up paying for decades.

good knowledge is good luck.

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2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Nursing Job New grad Difficulty?

  1. Pookyâ„¢ says:

    School won’t matter in LA – as long as you pass it, and get your CA RN license (hopefully on the 1st try, and that doesn’t even matter either).

    The hiring manager may have a preference of a new grad nurse from, say, UCLA, over one from, say, West Coast University. But again, both are accredited so it makes really no difference.

    Kaiser has NO new grad slots this year. UCLA is opening them now (applications are being accepted). You may end up working at a rehab hospital (as a new nurse, but not as a “new grad” nurse) for a while, then you can apply when it opens up.

  2. Maria says:

    As long as the school is recognized, then it won’t matter where you enroll. It also helps if you become registered as well.

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