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(Los Angeles) CNA or Medical Assistant? Which would I be better off as?

by tom44 on August 27, 2012

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Question by The-Manny: (Los Angeles) CNA or Medical Assistant? Which would I be better off as?
I also want to become a Registered Nurse in the future. What job is more in demand and I would easily be able to get a job as?
Keep in mind that I would love to do the work that a MA does, and an RN does similar things that an MA does, but has more responsibilities, which I like.

Should I pursue what I like? (Medical Assistant) then become an RN? By the way…I already have the money for the MA course.

Best answer:

Answer by TTC baby #3
I think you should do MA. You would probably make more money doing MA. If you go to type in the occupation and the city which you’ll work and it’ll tell you an estimate on what they will make…good luck!

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2 thoughts on “(Los Angeles) CNA or Medical Assistant? Which would I be better off as?

  1. Mike T's - Miguel says:

    go for the RN. they have more options and flexibility as well as better benefits in the upcoming later years. you won’t regret it!
    CNA is a stepping stone.

  2. Ang says:

    Which do you like better? Why not become a LPN first?To me a MA is so close to being a LPN that I no longer even consider it(I’m a CNA student for now and eventually want to become a RN).For example I know a school that offers a MA course that takes about 1-2yrs to finish(they may offer both 1yr and 2yr).If that is the case then I might as well go on and take the LPN course that takes about a year to finish or another school that offers a 2yr RN program.Anyways just go with whatever you like best.Good Luck!

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