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Looking for jobs in San Francisco!?

by tom44 on June 24, 2014

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Question by Emm F: Looking for jobs in San Francisco!?
My friend and I are both looking to possibly move to San Francisco from the east coast. He has a B.A. in Computer Science and I’m an ESL teacher. If you live in San Francisco now and have experience in these two fields, can you tell me how easy/hard it is to find jobs in these fields? What is the employment outlook for these two jobs? Any information or advice would help!

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Answer by tonalc2
As with the rest of the country, it’s a bit grim right now. Sun Micro just laid off 3,000 people; Adobe and Microsoft have also had big layoffs. The unemployment rate in SF is 7.5%, and it’s higher in the Silicon Valley.

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One thought on “Looking for jobs in San Francisco!?

  1. wiccagirl24 says:

    Right now it’s pretty difficult. You’re not going to find anything in teaching, since we laid off 26,590 teachers this month due to budget cuts. Any opening in teaching is going to go to those that have pink slips, not new people. My sister and girlfriend both just got jobs – it took them each about 2 months and they weren’t looking in a specific field.

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