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Looking for a program that helps physically disabled individuals find their own apartment?

by tom44 on August 5, 2013

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Question by Alissa: Looking for a program that helps physically disabled individuals find their own apartment?
This question is similar to the one I recently asked but I was wondering if there are any programs that help the physically disabled in their own apartments. I live near Albany I’m just looking for information on opportunities in and take to be more independent

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Answer by sally
I would go to your local DSHS OFFICE

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3 thoughts on “Looking for a program that helps physically disabled individuals find their own apartment?

  1. mimisnan says:

    Try looking in your “Yellow Pages” under “Home health care/Services. They have people who come to your home and assist you with whatever needs to be done. They will cook, clean, do laundry, help you bathe, remind you to take your medications and perhaps other things. I think you have to pay for it, but it might be covered by Medicare/Medicaid. Just call one and ask about their services.

  2. JMITW says:

    what kind of help do you need, if your only disability is physical, you should be able to locate an apartment on your own.

    work with a realtor…I don’t think it costs the renter anything..
    by law you can make some modifications at your own expense, but will have to restore everything when you move out….and the modification must be reasonable (can’t place a ramp that will block access, etc)

    if its a financial issue, you need to get on the section 8 housing wait list…

    are you working? have you tried to go to college, vocational rehab may even pay your tuition

    if you have any newer buildings–just call them up and ask them….
    if you pass by buildings that look modern–get the number and call

    some apartments maybe accessible but may not be advertising…

    i know people that don’t live in a fully accessible home, just big enough to get by….

    supposedly these are accessible

  3. Country Strata says:

    It is a lot harder than people think. The majority of people don’t realize how much space a wheelchair takes up. They can’t go through small doors and need plenty of room to move around furniture. I know a girl who is havin the same trouble. And relying on other people is a huge pain cuz they give her the attitude that they don’t want to help her even though it’s their job.
    A person with a disability can’t just grab an available apartment out there because they are so small and pretty much hav baths instead of showers.
    I know it sucks but hang in there. You might have to rent a house instead of an apartment. I’ve even looked myself for apartments, to see whats out there, and I’ve found NONE. It’s very discouraging. People are just to ignorant when it comes to those with disabilities and how much space they HAVE to have.

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