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Looking for a good detox/cleansing diet plan?

by tom44 on November 27, 2012

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Question by Anna: Looking for a good detox/cleansing diet plan?
Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knows a good detox or cleansing diet plan i could follow. Nothing too drastic please. I am also planning on working out 3 or 4 times a week while i am on it so i will need energy. Thank you

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Answer by izzy
Anyone interested in detoxifying their body might think about paying a little more attention to their body and less attention to the people trying to get their money. The body already has nature’s most effective detoxification system. It’s called the liver. The liver changes the chemical structure of foreign compounds so they can be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys, which then excrete them in the urine. I am left wondering why the alternative practitioners never mention this option to their customers. It’s all-natural and proven effective.
Nutrition experts have warned about the potential dangers of detox diets.
Catherine Collins, chief dietician at St George’s Hospital in southwest London, said she saw dozens of patients suffering side-effects ranging from bowel problems to potassium depletion. “There is a fixation with the notion that we can detoxify the body through what we eat and drink, but the whole idea has no scientific basis,” said Dr Collins.

“Your body does a perfectly good job of getting rid of toxins on its own,” says Dr. Nasir Moloo, a gastroenterologist with Capitol Gastroenterology Consultants Medical Group in Sacramento, Calif.

Colon cleansing can increase the risk of dehydration, and in some cases, certain laxatives can raise the body’s electrolyte level–a danger to those with kidney disease or heart disease.

Working out, fine. Eat a varied and healthy diet. Let your body do the rest, it’s good at it’s job.

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One thought on “Looking for a good detox/cleansing diet plan?

  1. Kalithea says:

    Well a lot of people who try a detox or cleansing diet plan fail because they simply do not know how to pick a detox that is right for their lifestyle. Avoid this at all cost and make sure that you are committed to finishing a detox once you have started. Because remember most detox diet plans are for a week or more, for instance the Lemonade master cleanse.

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