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Living in San Diego.?

by tom44 on April 2, 2014

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Question by shahzadyyyy: Living in San Diego.?
Hello I am from Germany and want to emingrate in San Diego and I have many questions.

For example

– cost of living in San Diego
– autopurchase
– criminality in San diego
– job secrurity
– taxes in San diego

Best answer:

Answer by bl
san diego is expensive, expect to spend over $ 500K for a basic house (nothing special at all). and $ 35K for a new car. crime isn’t bad, job secuity is ok, taxes are high.

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One thought on “Living in San Diego.?

  1. Erik H says:

    There is no San Diego city tax, there is a county property tax on homes and airplanes and large boats that is a bit lower than the United States average. There is a state sales tax of 7.75% that is added on everything but food, houses, services, education. This is lower than most VAT taxes in Europe, but is added at the cash register and not included in the stated price. New cars are about the same price as Europe but fewer Audis and Mercedes and more Japanese, Korean and American ones, registration taxes are lower. You do have a much higher availability of used cars in California than Europe. Its rare to see cars more than 8 or 10 years old in Germany and with some body damage, but common in the US, we don’t have the inspections that you do there, and its possible to buy an OK used car for $ 1200-$ 2000.
    Crime is low in San Diego by US standards, one of the lowest of large cities. There are some places that you don’t want to go after dark.
    The cost of living is average, except for rent, house buying and gasoline which is about the highest in the country, still, gas is about 1/2 the European price.
    I’m not sure about job security, wages are higher than most locations, especially the lowest because of the California minimum wage. People seem to switch jobs more often lately, mostly voluntarily.

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