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Life In Prison: A Project Envision Documentary

by tom44 on January 14, 2014

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This 30-minute television special gives you an inside look into three California state prisons, including the California Medical Facility. CMF houses the old…
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25 thoughts on “Life In Prison: A Project Envision Documentary

  1. cody byrnes says:

    +Phriendship so “most people” will end up bankrupt by the end of their

  2. Dale Woodall says:

    Thee people in prion cant go around looking for doctors like we can-cant
    the US see thi 3 strikes DOESNT WORK-A PERON WHOS 3RD STRIKE may be
    stealing a pair of 100dollar shoes-could cost tax payers upward of 4
    million dollars-WHAT?

  3. Jackie Gaydar says:

    This is a God damn crying shame. After the age of around 60, non violent
    offenders should be released.?

  4. Filsan Musa says:

    There is a solution to cutting prison costs, and it is execution.?

  5. Lisa Macina says:

    Some lifers just need to be euthanized. They are a waste of space, serve no
    purpose in life and drown society in taxes to sustain them.?

  6. Robert Cece says:

    I did 2 years in prison about 10 years ago and had better health care IN
    PRISON than I do now, as a free man. If you ask me, its harsh to say, but
    lifers are in prison to die. Thats a fact. So WHY spend money to save them?
    When so many free Americans don’t even have health care in the first place?
    If they’re murders, give them pain pills and let them die. Fuck any other
    treatment. Thats what I’d do if I was governor.?

  7. dishy200 says:

    child molester and rapist, murderers should just go to hell. Robbery &
    Drug offenders and other similar offenders should be okay to care for. As
    long as they don’t hurt others. They need some kind of support otherwise
    why even put them away. Some are even innocent and can’t prove it. Some
    messed up but what can they really do. Now I feel like having ice cream:)?

  8. brian watts says:

    shit i enjoyed my 5 years free food free cable ipods fast food if you got
    the money, the cops bring you dope and porn and cell phones, AND NO BILLS
    shit it was a blast?

  9. Frank Kling says:

    The prison-industrial complex- USA-USA- yeah!?

  10. Daniel3159 says:

    how the fuck can you give these lowlifes surgery…SMH?

  11. BUckENbooz says:

    FUCK YOU TV just because they mad really horrible choices in there life
    shouldn’t mean we should abandon them.?

  12. Bob Farrell says:

    If lifers got out and committed heinous crimes, the court cost to retry
    all those cases will exceed the cost of incarceration. Some of these court
    costs exceed $1,000,000?

  13. dean clang says:

    Thanks ccpoa..?

  14. SilversteinRescue says:

    You know, the thing is is that these inmates really should be glad to die
    in the prison system. They’ve been in there so long that that’s the life
    they’re used to anyways, but the key thing is that this is likely way
    better healthcare than they would receive on the outside. If they really
    want to convince their opponents like that lady that lost her daughter,
    they should be smirking and kicking back saying they’re content to keep
    juicing the system for all its worth if that’s what they want.

  15. Zega000 says:

    Would you rather be locked up and have free healthcare, or be free and have
    to pay for healthcare?

  16. ssdada urdsada says:

    You are fucking stupid. Putting convicts in the military? Jesus so dumb

  17. Joshua Jorgensen says:

    Either way we will end up paying for them to live. In or out of prison. The
    sick can’t take care of themselves if you let them out, so Iit won’t make
    much difference financially

  18. Adult Toon says:

    ya and give them a gun? smart

  19. Dan Karsznia says:

    I think having shitty healthcare should be like the shitty food there ….
    deal with it, you broke the law, so the consequence is you now are locked
    in one place, you eat shitty food, and the healthcare sucks …. should
    think about that before you break the law or expect to eat bad and suffer
    with shit healthcare.

  20. rogerdotlee says:

    The fact that California is harsh on criminals, and even harsher on repeat
    offenders and perpetrators of violent crime, should be no surprise to
    anyone. I note with amusement that they seem to believe that they’re
    required to give full medical care. If they’re lifers, and they’ve got
    cancer, save the money and spend it on his VICTIMS. Or would that make too
    much sense? I don’t live in Cali, so I may not be thinking like them.

  21. Max Callaway says:

    Fuck`m let them rot in hell if I had my way you murderers,
    rapists,paedophiles etc i would punish u the way u hurt these innocent
    people then put u I main stream and turn a blind eye u are ALL scum

  22. Tom Alexander says:

    What’s pathetic its a drug dealer will get ten years for a first offense
    and a guy who beats his wife will only get 120 days in county jail

  23. resolution55555 says:


  24. resolution55555 says:

    35 cent bullet in the back of the head would reduce costs.

  25. bryan81 says:

    sooo you have life in prison and get stage 4 cancer and youre thankful that
    the prison system took care of you and you can live longer? the FUCK is
    there to be greatful for??? ur in prison forever and you have NOTHING
    anymore. you pretty much just exist….id be happy i got cancer id die
    sooner..tue fuck do i look like being happy i get to live another day
    inside after being given life

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