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LG Nexus G Rumors, HTC One X+ Hands-on, Remembering Steve Jobs & More – Pocketnow Daily

by tom44 on November 20, 2012

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Our tribute to Steve Jobs Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent rumors of an LG Nexus device in the works. Then we go through our coverage of the AT&T event yesterday where we had some hands-on time with the HTC One X+, One VX, Samsung Galaxy Camera and even some additional time with the Nokia Lumia 920. Then we talk about some improvements to iOS 6, though things are still not perfect. We later talk about the rumors of a probable Microsoft Surface phone and Redmond’s look for a manufacturer. We end today’s show remembering Steve Jobs, his legacy and importance to our computer and mobile industry. All this and more after the break.
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25 thoughts on “LG Nexus G Rumors, HTC One X+ Hands-on, Remembering Steve Jobs & More – Pocketnow Daily

  1. kevinjrpiedr2490 says:

    Don’t like the new iPhone this yr? could of did better apple

  2. PaceyPimp says:

    No expandable storage is bad but dam its fast i? like that

  3. Fawaz Al Massri says:

    Apple? lost their touch after Steve Jobs.

  4. AltF4Moments says:

    Ag… even if Steve Jobs? lived Iphone would still suck…Thumbs Up for android!

  5. archinutgmail says:

    I? think Apple lost their concept

  6. djangosp2 says:

    same with? him

  7. Mouthmusician says:

    Sony would bring style to the hardware but? their software needs more improvement.

  8. harleyandbuddy says:

    Apple? products reputation have been demolished and apple had gone down hill….

  9. dchao22 says:

    that’s an easy answer, nothing has changed. is still the same stuff! eventually things gets better and faster. that’s the? history of apple. they like to hold back, and have the same buyers buy again the year later with one or two improvements.

  10. emran rahman says:

    Sony should make the? next nexus with 13 MP camera full hd recording with a quad-core proccessor with 64 gb memory with 1.5 gb ram.

  11. emran rahman says:

    They? don’t have dramatic change like before.

  12. v2nx1 says:

    Apple products while Steve were? still there = New innovative things & features.
    Apple procutcs without Steve = Minor improvements on existing stuff.

    Seriously – Apple is losing it without Steve. =(

  13. Superlichz says:

    I wanted a Samsung Galaxy Nexus II …Sadly it won’t exist.The name would? be great

  14. Sanam Patel says:

    I hate Samsung chip material? feel, HTC should make the next Google Nexus.

  15. simon199418 says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.? Remember the nexus one? best nexus ever designed

  16. MrEastWinder says:

    Apple Nexus 5?

  17. PutsPeopleFirst says:

    2:30 im using a pc ~~?

  18. David In says:

    Would love a? moto nexus

  19. i786da says:

    Mr. Rivera, you sound? like you have a block nose!

  20. Spatializ78 says:

    After Steve Jobs ? Hmmm… there are less lies, but there are. And Apple seems to don’t have no? ideas now…

  21. mdotsosa says:

    HTC or Samsung Nexus please.. Maybe? Moto but not if it’s another RAZR or Atrix.

  22. Howard Robinson says:

    I wanna see a Nokia android phone? too

  23. magicalgamezz766 says:


  24. Carl Brooks-Lytle says:

    Apple is hoing? to be the next blackberry- they have stopped innovating

  25. Karim Shami says:

    htc should? beat them all … but they have a lack in advisement

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