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LEAP’s Stephen Downing and Diane Goldstein Speak at the LA Federal Building Medical Marijuana Rally

by tom44 on November 8, 2012

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Last week, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine proponent and retired Superior Court Judge Jim Gray lead a press conference where he issued an indictment to the elected officials in Sacramento and throughout the state that have failed to do their jobs and create responsible regulations. A Los Angeles rally this week underscored those points, and many others, as leaders from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition once again revealed damaging indictments regarding the practices of the police chiefs and departments that are taking federal funds and enforcing federal drug laws in exchange for those dollars, in the face of scientific date proving these practices have failed as a law enforcement policy.
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4 thoughts on “LEAP’s Stephen Downing and Diane Goldstein Speak at the LA Federal Building Medical Marijuana Rally

  1. DaFleegsta says:


    If Dr Ron Paul is made president he WILL legalize marijuana!!!

    In order for Dr.Paul to win, HE NEEDS THE PRIMARY. That’s the toughest? part.

    IF? YOU WANT TO? VOTE IN PRIMARY YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If you don’t switch parties in time, (3 months ahead in some? states from now) YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!

    Go to BLUEREPUBLICAN(dot)ORG and register ASAP! Copy and paste this everywhere!

    Thumbs this up so people know!


  2. MIB205 says:


  3. MIB205 says:


  4. bluegreen1138 says:


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