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Las Vegas casino jobs?

by tom44 on April 16, 2014

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Question by rockerchic821: Las Vegas casino jobs?
I have to move to Las Vegas in October with my boyfriend who is being stationed at Nellis AFB. We are not looking forward to it because we are afraid we will barely be able to afford living there (he’s in the military, so his job doesn’t pay that much). I need to find a job to help with the bills and stuff and I want to work in a casino. Someone told me to look into working at the local casinos (Station casinos I think) that are off the strip. I want to be a cocktail server. How hard are the jobs to get and is the money good at these casinos? Is there any special qualifications I need? What are some things I can do now that will put me one step ahead of the competition? Should I begin the application process now? We are currently in NC, so going there to look is out of the question, but I did find the station casino website. Any advice, suggestions, ideas? Thanks!

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Answer by Duane T
You can go to the Station Casino web site and check out their Company Info and Careers section. I know someone who worked at Harrahs on the Strip for several years but took a job at the Station Casino and he says the job is much bettter….shorter commute from North Las Vegas.

It’s probably wouldn’t hurt to get your application in now and start looking at the classified section of the local newpaper websites.

Good Luck!

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6 thoughts on “Las Vegas casino jobs?

  1. monica v says:

    i live in las vegas and in order to work in a casino/coctail server u need a sherrifs card which means that your no drunk or anything like that besides a casino pays really good they give you insurance life insurance dental every type of insurance u could think of plus you get paid vacations las vegas is a really small town every body knows each other so when your here ask anybody thats familiar with the city where the union is they help u get a job

  2. ac says:

    The casino jobs definitely pay more and have great benefits, but can be kind of hard to get into. I think if you currently have casino experience, than you will have a better chance. The thing that’s nice about working at the local casinos is that there won’t be as much traffic, therefore less time to get there. The casino application process takes a little bit of time so the earlier you start applying the better. In order to work in the beverage service industry you will need to get a health card, TAM card (alcohol card), and sheriff’s card- all which also take will take a half day of your time. You could check out the las vegas review journal for current job openings. Green Valley and Red Rock are the nicest station casinos with the cutest outfits. If you don’t have your heart set on cocktail serving, you can make great money working in the restaurants on the strip and still have a decent hourly for serving.

  3. marcusismybutterballbaby says:

    hahahahaha good luck getting in as a cocktail gal those are HARD to come by and Few in between you can go apply online at good luck

    las vegas local

  4. Juiiced says:

    If you want to be a dealer you do have to go to a Casino School

  5. ?snowblossom? says:

    i tried applying for cocktail serving too, but i found out that it is hard to get a job that pays great right away if you dont have experience.. station casinos are great but Strip restaurants and dealing jobs can also provide you with a very good income! =) good luck!

  6. LadyLynn says:

    Casino jobs in Vegas are great. They’re only 8 hour shifts, with 45 minutes off for a free buffet or cooked to order burger or omelet. 2 15-minute breaks. And great benefits. Cocktail waitress, food waitress, hostess, cashier. All good money; guaranteed tokes. (tips) Station casinos are off the strip and cater more to locals. It couldn’t hurt to fill out applications online. Hostess is a lot less stress, and you’re guaranteed tokes from each waitress. Cocktailing can be VERY lucrative. Don’t worry. There are plenty of jobs to go around. You’ll be fine.

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