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Lane Kiffin Leaves tennessee?!

by tom44 on October 28, 2014

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I can’t believe it. Lane Kiffin leaves Tennessee for the head coaching job at USC, left vacant by Pete Carroll. I name some possible coaches that would be a …

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26 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Leaves tennessee?!

  1. Jared Etherton says:

    if i was him i’d be feeling real bad about leaving my team hanging like
    that. now who’s going to be the coach? if anyone get more info let me know

  2. porkermon says:

    Yea, I agree dude, Kiffin and his lack of integrity and liberal ways, is a
    great fit in the foreclosure capital of the world.

  3. guitarzach65 says:

    im a UT fan. And my best wish is Gruden, but i think some another good
    option is Trooper Taylor. he is a positions coach at auburn now, a great
    recruiter, and has history wiht tennessee

  4. xAuBuRn says:

    Chip Kelly- Oregon

  5. bedenbeast says:

    It was announced in The State (South Carolina’s state Paper) that Steele
    will be staying at Clemson. He used the Tennessee offer as a way to get
    more money after clemson. sorry about that, but im sure Tennessee will make
    a good hire. They obviously have the right guys in mind

  6. GOODY61 says:

    Never heard about Leach until the last month. I think there was something
    to the story. Even if it’s not all true , it sounds like Leach may have a
    “God” complex. . I would like to see Jon Gruden if he was interested in
    college coaching. He was a Tennesee assistant coach in 86 and coached in
    college about 5 years.

  7. TheJuggernaut70 says:

    What happen to the praise given to Kiffin a year ago when TN hired him???
    Ha!! Ol’ crazy Al in Oakland was right when he said TN would regret taking

  8. slipknotshukla says:

    Dont even think about Bud Foster going to tennessee after whooping them in
    this years bowl game. He just renewed his contract with VT has like a 5
    year annuity too. david cutcliffe seems like the most reasonable option

  9. drewm08 says:

    Good thought.. completely forgot about him.

  10. skaterboyask says:

    who the fuck is lane kiffin

  11. bedenbeast says:

    Hey, Tommy Bowden? hahah. jk

  12. Bill Barnes says:

    There’s no recruiting scandal. Gangsters wanted Reggie Bush to leave USC
    and sign with them as their agent. Why would USC want that? Doesn’t have
    anything to do with the USC team with 84 others on roster. All the players
    are departed by now and most of the coaches.

  13. jasonbrueck says:

    If you hate Lane Kiffin as much as I do then you should check out the video
    I did making fun of his punk ass. Just search youtube for “lane kiffin
    sports illustrated biography”. I promise you’ll laugh out loud:D You also
    make a good point with USC and their recruiting violations. Either way,
    what a piece of shit for doing this to you guys.

  14. Alphamale69 says:

    Has anybody called Phil?? His wife is trying to find him a job. What about
    Bobby Bowden?

  15. rollercoasterfweak says:

    this is no surprise

  16. Gismo917 says:

    **** U

  17. akbrown15 says:

    Good video….UT should get Gruden. His wife is a former grad and he is a
    former assistant…would be a great recruiter.

  18. aurules16 says:

    haha yea, but as an auburn fan i give my hats off to the gators, you tore
    it up in recruiting this year, and thankyou for knocking bama off that top
    spot. But i cant believe u turned down Jeffcoat! That is crazy!

  19. DonV310 says:

    Lane Quittin is a loser. I’m glad my Hokies ended his UT tenure.

  20. akbrown15 says:

    I think USF is on the Skip Holtz’s radar.

  21. buttpoop3 says:

    He’s a ‘true’ California boy. No wonder everyone hates Cal.

  22. TheGatorfan93 says:

    Kiffin leaving is great,because it put tennessee’s football program in
    fuckin chaos.BUT,the only way tennessee will stay down,is making sure they
    make a bad coaching hire.I got faith in ya mike hamilton.Bring back
    cutcliffe! lol

  23. baumusc says:

    USC doesn’t really hve much of a recruiting scandal. Everything with the
    football program happened away from the University and well after the
    players were there. Stupid moves by Bush’s father and McKnight driving a
    car that wasn’t his. As far as recruitment violations I think Tennessee
    actually has more to worry about right now with the hostess scandal. I’m
    not a huge Kiffin fan he was SC’s choice after negotiations with Jon Gruden
    broke down. Gruden was on campus yesterday negotiating.

  24. joshuaepps28 says:

    it makes sense, but idk why he would leave UT after 1 year.

  25. RammerJammerinSC says:

    after this, I wouldn’t expect UT to hire outside “the family” for the next
    100 years.

  26. Richard Reeves HODGENS says:

    Looks like you were in front of the Library on Church St and Capitol Blvd.

    One way to improve the turnout might be to give the participants a VIP seat
    at one, two or a years worth at the Riverfront or the other Downtown
    Concerts – they earned it! ?

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