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Laboratory Medicine – RMIT University

by tom44 on November 6, 2013

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Study Laboratory Medicine RMIT’s Laboratory Medicine degree includes 40 weeks of work placement (professional prac…

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25 thoughts on “Laboratory Medicine – RMIT University

  1. Ryan Register says:

    Thanks, you? too!

  2. jalend0gg says:

    I agree, it was very nice to have a conversation with you. Minarchist and anarchist are very similar. Minarchy is one step away from anarchy. But? it was nice to have a conversation with a very intelligent, bright individual as yourself. Have a good day 🙂

  3. Ryan Register says:

    I would love to argue against you, but really there isn’t a point because now we’ve reached the precipice. The only way to actually? know which one of us is right is in practice. And unfortunately neither of us own nations in which we can try this on, haha.

  4. jalend0gg says:

    Private courts… Anything government does, we can do it privately or locally. A local government can form, that is fine, as long as it doesn’t try to impose its laws on my property. I wouldn’t mind local governments forming, as long as they are? voluntary.

  5. Ryan Register says:

    But others have guns as well, who will give them? consequences and supposed justice? Nice Yamamoto quote, but Japan doesn’t have the balls to invade, N. Korea or Russia, if they saw a weak government-less nation then I’ve no doubt that they would attempt something. Suppose they did invade though, guess what? Out of necessity a standing militia would form. And from that a government would be born.

  6. jalend0gg says:

    Private police forces or you can defend your property with a gun. Why didn’t Japan invade the main land? Because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. Our founders were against a standing army and thus the second amendment being born.? They knew the threat a standing army was for liberty.

  7. Ryan Register says:

    But who would you have defend our rights from people who infringe upon them? Who would defend us from? foreign occupation?

  8. jalend0gg says:

    What’s? wrong to live in a Voluntary society? A world without rulers, that is the definition of anarchy and the benefits of an anarcho capitalist society would be vast wealth and a minority of poor that would be taken care of through voluntary means like donations and charity. Those things still exist today, think of how much they would get if we ended ALL taxes. We would have more money to help the poor and there would be less poor.

  9. Ryan Register says:

    I don’t understand what you mean. Government wants to create a Utopia, but no matter what a government does it will never exist. As for Voluntaryism, that’s impossible to achieve without anarchy. And anarchy isn’t the answer, because what’s even more morally wrong than my Libertarian view of “the strong survive” ,but still managing to help the ones? to struggle survive, is the anarchist view of dog eat dog.

  10. jalend0gg says:

    You kind argued my point on how having a government is a Utopian idea. The reason governments will always? fail, abuse the rights of citizens and start wars is because humans are flawed and power turns good people into terrible tyrants. Government is the Utopian, Voluntarism is the answer.

  11. Ryan Register says:

    No, that’s not what I’m saying. The government is supposed to be an operating system of the people and elected by the people. The human factor has twisted it so that it isn’t beneficial to all. The military doesn’t isn’t pledged to the government, it’s pledged to the constitution to protect against all foreign and domestic enemies. Whoever they may be. When I mean small government I mean a government that has only one purpose, to protect? the natural rights of its citizens. From all threats.

  12. jalend0gg says:

    What you’re saying is, mankind is too dangerous to trust so I’m going to give a small group of people with guns power over individuals and your trust that they won’t abuse this power. Too me,? government doesn’t work because the concept of a government is too create a Utopian and as you said, they don’t exist. But what you don’t even realize is that governments have killed over 2 billion people in the past hundred years, a lot more than murders among citizens.

  13. Ryan Register says:

    And…I would fully agree with you if human kind weren’t so inclined to kill each other and think that they’re better than other people. Yes, no government would be in a Utopian society but a Utopian society is near impossible to form because of the human factors..greed, vanity, etc. Now back into reality, with people being so slanted towards each other some form of government, albeit extremely small, is? needed in order to lay the foundations that would protect each individuals natural rights.

  14. jalend0gg says:

    I disagree, humanity can’t reach it’s full potential as a slave to a government. A bureaucracy is impossible without government, governments create bureaucracies, without the governments monopoly on force the bureaucracies would cease to exist. But people who live in a close community, if they wanted to voluntarily sign a contract to give up their rights and form a governmental body within the borders of their property. I see no problem. Voluntarism is freedom, force is Authoritarianism.?

  15. Ryan Register says:

    It is a necessary evil though, and an? inevitable one. Even in the absence of government, a bureaucracy is formed, and that in itself is a form of government.

  16. jalend0gg says:

    I see government from a philosophical position that it is inherently immoral because it is based on the initiation of force. Whether or? not you think it is necessary is one thing but we must at least agree on the definition of government being a group of individuals who have have a monopoly on force. Our founders understood this but thought it was a “necessary evil”, I disagree and believe evil and initiation of force is never necessary nor moral.

  17. Ryan Register says:

    WOOP WOOP GO JALEND0GG. He gave up because you’re right. Except you seem to think that complete obliteration of government is necessary. I think? the pivot point is small government, not no government.

  18. GoGreenCo says:

    Well, then it’s just? a matter of priorities.

  19. jalend0gg says:

    I personally think racist are asshole, douchebag, collectivist cunts… Personally… But they have a right? to be racist, just like they have a right to discriminate and kick people off their land for whatever reason. It’s not moral to be a racist.

  20. GoGreenCo says:

    I guess you think racism is moral (or at the least, not? immoral)

  21. jalend0gg says:

    Private businesses retain the right to? refuse any one service for any reason. It’s their right to discriminate.

  22. GoGreenCo says:

    Just because it doesn’t eliminate racism doesn’t mean it can’t? help. You’re a fool if you think government ending segregation didn’t help end racism. Do you think that when a company discriminates against someone due to their race, that’s moral?

  23. jalend0gg says:

    Business are private property and have they can refuse anybody service for any reason. It violates property rights. It didn’t even help race relations. No law can? fix racism. Even MLK even recognized this in a speech when he said (and I’m paraphrasing) ” No proclamation emancipation can do this , nobody else can do this for us, no civil rights bill can do this for us. If the black man is to be free, he must search his soul and sign with a pen his self asserted his manhood his own proclamation.”

  24. GoGreenCo says:

    The Civil Rights act protects people form discrimination, idiot. Government is like a tool and can be used for good or evil, and your opting out of the system only means it won’t be used in the way you? want it to.

    Your morals are yours only. Most people have different morals than your, and your appeal to this will do nothing to change their mind.

  25. jalend0gg says:

    Of course not, why would I vote for something that? is immoral and unjustified?

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