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Labor Beat: Keep Chrysler Jobs in Kenosha

by tom44 on June 6, 2014

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Spirited May 18 rally in Kenosha, WI to stop Chrysler’s plans to close its engine plant there, leaving the work to be done in Mexico. Scenes of demonstration…
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5 thoughts on “Labor Beat: Keep Chrysler Jobs in Kenosha

  1. agitcam says:

    Congress is doing its job representing the corporations. How long are you
    going to act like sheep expecting the Democratic party to do the right
    thing. They aren’t. We need to vote in an entire new leadership of
    progressive Democrats who will represent us and not the greedy
    corporations. Wake up.

  2. th3ha1og0d says:

    This is terrible. Kenosha has done a great job with the 3.5 engine and
    Kenosha should be building the new Pentastar engine.

  3. smithdsmit says:

    sounds like the same crap that happened in kenosha in 87 when they closed
    the auto plant.our government cares nothing about jobs or the economy. i
    think they hope it fails. people who live in poverty are easier to control.
    keep everyone peer. subsidize them and keep them under goverment control

  4. dodgechryslersucks says:

    Unfortunately, all Govt. left and right, is complicit with greedy
    corporations. This was where the infamous 2.7L Engine is made, Kenosha
    Wisconsin (not the workers fault, they do a hell of a good job, that was
    Chrysler’s fault, a design issue just like most things)! The workers at
    Chrysler do a good job, it’s the damn corporate executives “the suits” that
    run everything into the ground and have destroyed Chrysler over time!

  5. dodgechryslersucks says:

    The 2.7L is A HORRIBLE ENGINE DUE TO DEFECTIVE design, even by most
    Chrysler enthusiast accounts. What planet are you on? Get with reality! The
    2.7L has experienced more failures than any other engine ever produced, and
    failures Chrysler refused to sand behind. Oil passages were too narrow
    causing poor cirulation, Water Pump seal allowed coolant to slowly enter
    the engine, inadequate PCV system, defective Timing Chain Tensioners that
    can suddenly snap. Vendor Parts? IT IS DESIGN!

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