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Labor and delivery nurse, education & training.?

by tom44 on April 10, 2014

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Question by alejandra Castro: Labor and delivery nurse, education & training.?
Does anyone know their education history? Like, what must a L&D nurse study before becoming an L&D nurse. What are the prerecs… Do you have to start as a CNA then be an LVN then an RN THEN become a labor and delivery nurse ? How long is the labor and delivery nurse training ? Can anyone please give me specific helpful information. It’d be really appreciated!


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Answer by Pookyâ„¢

Go directly and get your BSN. Doing it any other way is like going to New York from Los Angeles and make a long stop in Atlanta.

It is usually for experienced nurses, but it is not unhead of that a “new grad” program may place you there, but I would not count on it at all. (I have known two of my BSN students that got their first job in L*D).

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