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Kobe | Mission: Kobe Bryant | Homeless in LA | TakePart TV

by tom44 on June 17, 2013

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Subscribe Now!: Kobe Bryant visits Skid Row to discovers what issues face the homeless in LA. He stops by the LA Mission charity and sp…

Psychiatric Technicians are one of the fastest growing occupations in the health care industry in Los Angeles County.
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44 thoughts on “Kobe | Mission: Kobe Bryant | Homeless in LA | TakePart TV

  1. David Stern says:

    Probably rehab? building new shelters food etc.

  2. unicorntreetop says:

    And how exactly are you planning to eradicate homelessness Kobe? Please shed some light other than saying raising awareness…Tell me because this? 3 minute puff piece didn’t.

  3. ayoub12337 says:

    If you seriously want to get ripped, you should look up on Google “Smashing Ripped? X”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  4. chengitis says:

    heres a tip to help you Kobe to help the homeless: Create an organization that will put the homeless to WORK for a paycheck. This? will help create a system in their own minds to get out of their own conundrum. This will elevate their sense of worth. Then, this will get them on their feet. By just handing them money, does not teach them the fundamentals. But by creating a framework for the homeless to put them to work is more meaningful in the long term.

  5. GIOXABAZA24 says:

    everyone love’s kobe and those homeless people arenot aggressive ?

  6. spoketybacon5733 says:

    Kobe is a? real dude.

  7. IanigirO says:

    ive droven down skidrow A couple of? times, all you see is tents and people sleeping on the side walk.

  8. Isaac C says:

    I am officially? a Kobe fan now.

  9. Michael Alvarez says:

    good looking? out kobe!

  10. Filipe Roberto says:

    quem esta aqui por causa da? pathy da joinha

  11. carriep444471 says:

    its just crazy i went to lakers game, and its? millions of dollars in a buildings, literally around the corner is this

  12. EastCoastRips says:

    kobes a? real dude

  13. Paulo Rodrigo says:


  14. MOSES199 says:

    It’s hard to help people that don’t? want any help

  15. Kathy Duffy says:


  16. Luzico Br says:

    La? fenix

  17. exloko95 says:

    la fenix?

  18. thekittehman says:

    I really like Kobe, he’s a great? guy. I feel many people can relate to him.

  19. 4TVBasketball says:

    Better how he doesn’t wear them… And no im not worried about it, just curious why he would run? around like that..

  20. Bigbri95 says:


  21. renarena2007 says:

    Michael Jackson made “The Way You MAke Me Feel” on Skid Row * he felt like he can help make a difference. And rapper of The Fugees Praswell also went undercover as a homeless person that tried to make a difference. This was a while back.?

  22. mettaworld peace says:

    yeah? that’s what you’re worried about? how kobe wears his? clothes?

  23. 4TVBasketball says:

    Whats up with the Jumper hanging around his? neck? That looks retarded..

  24. DarkClasse V says:


  25. Sawbucks23 says:

    I didn’t make it past the second interview a while back and recently got a letter from them stating that they wanted me interview with them again. NO WAY! They want me to drive four hours each way only to be rejected again? I also heard that? some of the workers were getting sick because of the facility was a health issue waiting to happen. Hopefully everything is going great for you. Once again,thank you for your insight on the situation. You prevented me from making a big mistake.

  26. Sawbucks23 says:

    Wil do. lol?

  27. Randolph Agarn says:

    keep? me posted. psych techs have to stick together.

  28. Sawbucks23 says:

    Thanks for the quick reply my friend! I wanted to work at Coalinga then transfer. I am willing to work there to get my foot in the door. I have talked to people and they tell me there’s really nothing to do? over there. lol It is a stepping stone in my career and I will keep you updated. Thank you again for all the horrible things I should look for where dealing with that specific group of population. Agreed on patients getting too many rights where they have power to threaten your job.

  29. Randolph Agarn says:

    Sorry about the typing mistakes, it’s 4 am and i woke up? early and not a great typist anyway. well i hope to hear from ya. keep me posted.

  30. Randolph Agarn says:

    check out the following you tube people. David Kennedy and BBC Louis Theroux. Kennedy is , from what i can see from his you tubes , a sick and demented pro child molester activist. He speaks of an incident where a patient there died. I was working that day and what he says about the incident is total BS. Watch and listen and you’ll get an idea what the freask in Coalinga are like. Theroux is a documentory film maker? . Watch and get back to me . randy

  31. Randolph Agarn says:

    did you end? up going? please keep me up dated.

  32. Randolph Agarn says:

    If you? can go there and then can transfer to CDCR , do it. I would say to go Lanterman, but it is closing. Personally , i hated working DMH. I prefer CDCR. I feel much safer in a prison then DMH. I am now in my mid 50’s and do not have the time or energy or will power to work DMH and do take downand use MAB. I am over all that. i just want to coast out my career. 7 years and counting.

  33. Randolph Agarn says:

    If coalinga is your stepping stone into state, go for it. but do not stay. get in and then transfer as soon as you can. I hear it is better now, but when i was there there was tons of manditory OT. not cute. sorry i like to go home. the money was nice, but it’s not worth it. Honestly i have a problem with child molesters. i hate them. Coalinga gives them to many rights.I knew the first day i was? there id hate it. but I went there to get into the state. then went to CDCR, thank God.

  34. Randolph Agarn says:

    I worked the med room, all day long, child molesters and rapist banging on the med window, screaming at you, making demands. I’ have passed med all my career, i have been doing this since nov of 84. But never had to deal with such arrogance and open hostility. trust, it gets to you. I knew i had to get out before i told one of? those fuckers to go fuck himself and as soon as you do that, you’re fired. no, i dont give molesters, whom i feel are the lowest life form, that satifaction.

  35. Randolph Agarn says:

    I can gakethe abuse. God knows i have the scars to prove it after my years of doing take downs and MAB, but there you’ll get verbal abuse on a daily bases. It’s one thing ot be told day in and day out that you’re a fucker and you’ll be fired, but for child moleters to say, all day “If you dont do what i say i’ll see to it you lose your license” snapping their fingers at you and making demands,? no. not cute. I can take that frm a regular psych pt, not from some scum bag who molested 10 boys.

  36. Randolph Agarn says:

    Coalinga is for sex offenders. Th wrost of thewrost. You knwo this by now, but here is the reason. Sex offenders are major egomaniacs. They only think of themselves. remember while in Psych tech school you were taught about how to NOT be manipulated by patients? well you’ll use that at Coalinga.? Now i have tons of time in as a tech and i have worked in private hospitals most of my career, till i went state, and Coalinga is the worst. The patients there are very abusive

  37. Sawbucks23 says:

    lol I’m going through? the interviewing process and would appreciate it if you can explain to me why it was horrible.

  38. Randolph Agarn says:

    It is very clickish. If you are not in the click, forget it. also the patients are horrible. Child molesters and rapist tend to be very needy and deamnding and pushy. I can handle that, after all I am a psych tech, but it’s different when you are on a unit with 50 child molsters constntatly yelling at you,? cussing you out & telling you they are going to get your fired and sue you. Trust, it gets to you after a while. Plus the area is horrible. Cow fields and flies. Go to CDCR if U can

  39. Randolph Agarn says:

    Very true. Thank God I went to the state befroe all this nonsense happened. i hear that Coalinga is hiring. but it’s God awful there. i was a psych tech? there for 2 yearsw and left.

  40. BattleAxe5000 says:

    whats wrong with coalinga, i am planning of going there

  41. Randolph Agarn says:

    You are damn? lucky you didnt goto coalinga. I worked there for two years as a psych tech. horrilble.

  42. Randolph Agarn says:

    Recession proof my ass. I am a psych tech and we? are all just waiting to see if Calif will lay us off.

  43. Sawbucks23 says:

    I graduate a couple of years ago and passed the boards….still looking. lol No job should be called recession proof. Made me wish I passed the program when they used to hire people. Even places like Coalinga that used to take an influx of people (as long as the people were interested in working and didn’t mind working and living? in the middle of nowhere) is hard to get hired at. You’re right about being an LVN, at least they can work at any hospital setting.

  44. dee rene says:

    Fast forward to 2011 where there has been a hiring freeze since 2009. I have a relative who graduated the LPT program at Mt sac over a year ago, passed her state boards did a QAP and still has not gotten a job in a state prison, mental health or Dev.Center. Out of 30 graduates * half the class put in their apps to various state? hospitals before graduating only* 2 people have gotten a st. job. * how sad* You’re better off being a LVN, at lease you can work in a nursing home or go out of state.

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