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Know of any teaching jobs this summer in San Diego?

by tom44 on June 2, 2014

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Question by Mark S: Know of any teaching jobs this summer in San Diego?
This summer I’ll be living in San Diego. I licensed to teach in AZ and I have a year of professional teaching experience. I have no interest in getting CA certified, but I’m hoping to land a teaching job for just the summer-any ideas? Thanks

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Answer by md_stark
Try this link:

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One thought on “Know of any teaching jobs this summer in San Diego?

  1. soulsista says:

    try the san diego zoo or sea world. both have day camps and overnight camps. teachers are needed for those positions during the summer. might not pay very much, but it seems very fun and it’s rewarding. apply now if you are interested.

    as for landing a teaching position for summer school, those jobs are usually taken first by resident teachers who are already teaching at the public schools. you could try the private schools.

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