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Kickin’ It In Tennessee Big Smo Soggy Bottom Boyz Kinfoke

by tom44 on November 1, 2014

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Soggy Bottom Boyz at Rattlesnake Hills ATV Park 2011 – Kickin’ It In Tennessee. Hick Life Part 2 Big Smo & Kinfoke on the tunes.
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25 thoughts on “Kickin’ It In Tennessee Big Smo Soggy Bottom Boyz Kinfoke

  1. Michelle Wilson-English says:

    Lovin Big Smo?

  2. Brayden Peppers says:

    Wonder if a 400 ex would go through??

  3. Devon Wilson says:

    ITP Mudd Diggers?

  4. Devon Wilson says:

    Wow they have to use mud diggers in those mud holes to get out when I use
    worn out tires and get tho them ?

  5. Bobby Smith says:

    Kickin’ It In Tennessee Big Smo Soggy Bottom Boyz…:

  6. bruce sexton says:

    my name is bruce im live in tn so im kickin it tennessee all the time?

  7. jason meadows says:

    Can’t wait til spring…every weekend…?

  8. Archie Garth says:

    This video makes me happy.?

  9. richie rich says:

    @1220shotgun yeah i am but thats besides the point i can still build a
    riding mower that will go any where a rzr will go

  10. Carrie Hallauer says:

    yep its a good one

  11. walkersallnite says:

    I got a 05 750 brute with a snorkle programmer and a pipe what else do u
    think i should do to it to make it as bad as yalls

  12. Beware Griffy says:

    thats unfortunate

  13. falouchelo says:

    theres no rednecks , we do that each days in canada lol

  14. TTH47400 says:

    thats right GRIZZLY

  15. James Westmoreland says:

    Yellow RZR is the friggin bomb!! Congrats, that is nice.

  16. rebelicious606 says:

    Everybody knows Polaris’ r 4 girls:D Definitely can’t go wrong with a Kaw.
    Also check out the Arctic Cats…bad mfer right ther!

  17. Trey Halder says:

    Dont yall just love southern people?

  18. Bassboy1972 says:

    I wanna give a shout out to all my redneck kinfoke! Wassup y’all?!!!

  19. Triggerman307 says:

    Big Smo lives 20 minuets from me

  20. VegaWgn says:

    yall ever come to the wagon wheel up here in wv?

  21. kburr12345 says:

    I wanna hit these pits with my chevy 2500 hahahah

  22. nathan drew says:

    @123thunderhorse outlaws are lighter .

  23. EXCAVATOR421 says:

    @Mrnighthawkable i like rednecks but i just dont want to get shot. say hell
    yea if u like Girl Raised In The South!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka GRITS

  24. Courtney Osberg says:

    im born an raised small town in oregon an im a back woods country girl!
    fuck anyone who has a problem with these guys!!! theres country an city
    people all over, its best city folk dont tread in our town,,,, especially
    spics fuck that shit! my towns labeled with a red dot on special maps for
    spics n coons….

  25. ryan trueredneck says:

    i am dam proud to represent for the soggy bottom boyz there better than the

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