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Just Another Job Interview Question?

by tom44 on March 10, 2014

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Question by 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven: Just Another Job Interview Question?
I have a new option to interview with an Automotive company for a job as a crash test dummy.

Should I ask about medical insurance?

TY to any who know me. Hugs to any who don’t. Peace Y’all


Best answer:

Answer by bumblee
Not on the first interview.
Wear a helmet to make a
good first impression.

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8 thoughts on “Just Another Job Interview Question?

  1. Lyssa Joy says:

    hahahahaha crap.

    that’s gotta be the worst job in America.

    I’d ask.

  2. princess_condom says:

    I must advise against this career choice…. the only place you will be able to get a job after that is in the US Senate….

    Ask yourself, is it reallllllllllly worth it?

    I know how glamorous being a crash test dummy must seem…

    I’m just sayin’

  3. Anthony E. M. says:

    Yes I do not see why not you are entitled to know what entitlements your job would entail. Just make sure you do not go dressed, like that. Or it could work to depending on the desired effect. Use your best judgment and good luck.

  4. ~DiZz~ says:

    from what i was told told, no.. not on the first interview.

  5. DAN W says:

    REALLY ? NO JOKING ? OK GO TO THIS WEBSITE.. It is for real here in upstate new york ..www, it is for real i have seen this guy do this for insurance companies and auto motive makers

  6. scott emt, nursing asst says:

    this is joke right?

  7. Mike H In New Orleans says:

    Don’t take it – You’re to pretty to be crushed in a car test.

  8. wyocowboy74 says:

    when you get there ask if there is room for one more i would love to be a crash test dummy.

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