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Jobs Summit 2011

by tom44 on May 25, 2013

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Video Rating: 0 / 5 – We turn now to a major new exposé on the cover of The Nation magazine called, “Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions From Th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on “Jobs Summit 2011

  1. Kay Bell says:

    If you want to know the TRUTH on Romney, read the book “Can Mitt? Romney Serve Two Masters?”. Part II lays out the truth of Romney’s liberal record (he is to the left of Obama) and Part I is important to read because we all need to protect ourselves and our children from the well-masked cult of Mormonism. Did you know that Mitt truly believes that he will become a literal God?..equal to Jesus Christ? This is true, and we almost placed this deceived man in to the Office of the Presidency.

  2. Armando Diaz says:

    Worth? reviewing!

  3. Mirquella Santos says:

    I believe in God, and the Romney will be punish by God because they are ruthless greedy dogs. They don’t care about the poor people? who lost their jobs. Money is not everything. Someday they will have to answer God.

  4. Rattlerjake1 says:

    (cont.) So what if GM folded. It would have reorganized, and been able to start new contracts and cut costs. It is the greed of? the American worker, who thinks they are entitled to high wages and benefits for minimal work that is destroying jobs in this country; and government jobs are the worst offenders. Not to worry, America will soon cease to exist as we have known it, we will experience a revolution and civil war that will eradicate the useless and worthless dumbocrats.

  5. Rattlerjake1 says:

    (cont.) Delphi moving overseas is important only because it can be linked to Romney, but look at Ford and all of their manufacturing in mexico (example). All manufacturing in this country over the past 50 years is moving overseas because labor is cheap and the companies don’t have to pay out excessive retirement, medical, and unemployment, and taxes. Liberals are at the top of the food chain, taking more and more but blaming it? on any non-liberal they can. Bailouts should not have happened.

  6. Rattlerjake1 says:

    What documents? He claims Romney made $15 million and possibly $115 million, but has no supporting documentation. Besides what I? heard at the start is that Delphi was going out of business to start with. If there wasn’t already a problem then the “vultures” would not have been able to buy it up at 67 cents a share. Detroit was going bankrupt because of the UAW and the excessive wages and benefits of auto workers, as well as regulations and taxes on corporations in this country.

  7. mikez565 says:

    Greg? has uncovered this with basic investigative work….something the media doesn’t do.

  8. Leo David says:

    Detriot is home of the nations cheepest whores Obama bought them for song and dance(oh and taxpayers money)To bad they sold all our ass’s too.I have more respect for 2 dollar? street whore than the people of Deep throat Detroit

  9. Yul G says:

    Where are Obama’s college transcrips,,and when will Obama come clean on the Ben Ghazi’s massacre due to his incompetency. Four Americans were raped,mutilated and he keeps reffering to a stupid video. And you are worried about how Romnie is a successful buisness man contrary to your full of excuse so called President in the? White House??

  10. CTGZealot says:

    Wait, wait guys…he didn’t want the auto bailout? right, that’s what the Obama camp wants us to believe…please help me help you liberals, tell me which propaganda to believe…lol

  11. justgivemethetruth says:


  12. George Disrespectful says:

    Romney sends everything including? his money overseas.

  13. natemorte says:

    I cann’t tell where you are coming from because you are? complaining about whiners ,and whining about a mess

  14. justgivemethetruth says:

    and then we could have the whiners and complainers in power and in about two second realize they have no idea at all about what to do or how? to fix this mess.

  15. justgivemethetruth says:

    I hope you are right, but even so, do you have any idea why and what is going on in this country. Take a look at Luce, Edward (2012-04-03). Time to Start Thinking:? America in the Age of Descent

  16. Sean Kitchen says:

    Picking on? straws….picking on straws.

  17. jezzyby47 says:

    Maybe, but Greg Palast is one of the most respected journalists in the world, and he is telling it straight so are you saying he is lying?
    No of course he isn’t, it’s all true. This is how the world operates, and YOU have to be? smarter and recognise that this kind of corruption is rife, and it’s not right, it is about as wrong as it can get. 4 People who are already billionaires make even more money whilst 25000 people lose their jobs.

  18. Dragonbutterfly2012 says:

    This video contains soundbites, and mere glimpses of documents and is full of narration. Anyone with a computer and time on their hands could make the same? video about Obama. I have seen these types of vids on both sides. I choose to listen to my heart, my wallet, my financial situation and unclipped or unedited news such as C-span to make my decision.

  19. natemorte says:

    These so called businessmen “outsourcers” are traitors and should be treated as? such

  20. justgivemethetruth says:

    Is that why he thinks the isle of jersey is in the mediteranean sea? it’s pretty far away from the mediteranean …. across the ancient world pretty much, the English Channel, think Channel Islands. The thing is that Palast is not coherent in? how he spins stuff, it’s just to excite people. He does good work in many cases, but what does it say that he does not really know the meaning of what he uncovers?

  21. justgivemethetruth says:

    So, business is good as long as it is small potatoes,but when it makes huge killings is evil?

    What I consider evil&stupid is that our government does not make these people pay taxes on their money-But there is more to it than? even that,because they will just go somewhere else&work these deals,which bottom line make companies more efficient&profitable – and products cheaper for all of us.

    The tax piece is missing so America ca have jobs,buy,get education&healthcare.

  22. justgivemethetruth says:

    Our country is for sale to anyone, why not the highest? bidder? I am not any happier about it than you, but bad or incomplete or distracting information is not going to help anyone.

  23. justgivemethetruth says:

    Maybe Palast is functioning as a feeder of garbage information to the left to make them look bad, because this guy is slipshod in his talk, maybe his research, and maybe far more. If it was not Mitt Romney, would? it not have been someone else in this capitalist in the know group? What is the whole story here? Also, not that Palast is not saying where he got this information?

  24. justgivemethetruth says:

    8:00 “they moved their operations from Troy Michigan to the Isle of Jersey in the Mediteranean Sea” ….

    Hey, Greg Palast, do you know where the Isle of Jersey? is, do you know where the Mediteranean Sea is ?

    For your information Greg, the Isle of Jersey is in the Channel Island group of islands … IN THE ENGLISH CHANNEL. You had it in your picture … but do you even look at this stuff? If you got this simple thing wrong, WHAT ELSE DID YOU DISTORT OR MESS UP IN THIS STORY?

  25. rick sauer says:

    assumes the investments were made under Romney’s direction, or did he even know his monies were invested? So he invests in a flaining company and Obama does the bailout and it makes money – isn’t that what? the bailout was supposed to do?

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