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Jobs Stepping Down

by tom44 on September 23, 2013

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pyrrho314’s webcam video August 25, 2011 04:32 AM.
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5 thoughts on “Jobs Stepping Down

  1. pyrrho314 says:

    : it was way ahead of? it’s time… no doubt about it.

  2. geminipa says:

    I remember using Nexts in the music synthesis lab at college. Amazingly powerful and flexible machines, which most people could perhaps not appreciate at the time.?

  3. pyrrho314 says:

    @ensignrick : not? funny

  4. pyrrho314 says:

    : damn, did I give that away, when I started to go there I tried to run away, Fidel would fucking rip me a new one our next poker game if he thought I gave away that Jobs was going to Cuba for the superior medical system, and to take over as CEO of Cuba Inc, soon opening a Genius Bar and Casino? in a new higher teck version of Old Havana that will make the Mob, Florida Cubans, and Las Vegas all shake with fear.

    If Fidel reads this he’s going to give me Columbian Cigars next visit!!

  5. premed2 says:

    Steve has been asked by Raul? to take over.

    Mac SE… Power Computing Clone… iMac… iPad

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