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Jobs Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Ashton Kutcher Movie HD

by tom44 on June 19, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Jobs Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Ashton Kutcher Movie HD

  1. Erebus2075 says:

    hehehe this is gonna be such a joke. with all the bs and rip of and credit
    jobs has stolen, making a movie potraying him as self creating is a joke?

  2. Mike Elgan says:

    *New **Jobs** trailer hits.*

    This one is the opposite of the other teaser trailer. It pretty much
    summarizes the whole movie.

    #jobsmovie ?

  3. Pete Cashmore says:

    The new trailer for the Steve Jobs film featuring Ashton Kutcher has
    finally landed online:

    What do you think?

    #SteveJobs #Apple #AshtonKutcher ?

  4. Nemanja Grbovic says:

    Ben Affleck and Ashton Kutcher amazing actors.?

  5. Esther Schindler says:

    So what do you think of the *Jobs* trailer??

  6. Apple iFans says:


  7. Thom Stricklin says:

    I liked this movie when it was called *Pirates of Silicon Valley*.

    Seriously, though. I’m the only person I know that actually *owns* a DVD
    of that movie. And the soundtrack is one of my most played playlists. In
    fact, I have that playlist duplicated between iTunes, Google, and Spotify.

    I am a dork.?

  8. Det Ansinn says:

    Yeah, they won’t be doing a biopic on Tim Cook in 10 years…?

  9. Adam Helweh says:

    Although I don’t care for Ashton’s voice compared to Jobs this trailer
    makes the movie look pretty compelling. I’d pay to see it in the theater.
    What do you think?

    #apple ?

  10. Gary Wang says:

    Looking forward to watching this.
    #jobs ?

  11. Carl Draper says:

    Someone needs to do a spoof of this :D?

  12. Renata Sherwin says:

    *Jobs and what he did for people like me*

    Excellent. This comes out just before my birthday. I can’t wait – and I
    can’t wait for all the haters to tie themselves up knots because the iPod
    really did change everything, because it’s taken seven years for a
    reasonable facsimile of an iPhone to be developed.

    I would argue that a comparable personal computer has yet to be introduced,
    and it may no longer be relevant, again because of the innovation of the
    iPad. In the meantime, I can never go back to the clunky-slidies after Air.

    Jobs’ legacy may be dismantled and everything carried off for scrap, but
    what he did, what he brought, can never be taken away from him, never
    denied. To the extent that this movie reinforces that and entertains me, I
    am all for it.

    Jobs made no-barrier computing and tech experiences available to everyone –
    everyone who had the money, admittedly – especially artists and the
    technically-challenged. Jobs introduced people like me to seamless tech,
    tech that gets out of the way. I never had to become technical, or read a
    technical manual (there’s a reason you don’t get one when you unbox those

    I never had to get tech support, deal with hard drive crashes (till March
    2012!) or even viruses. To the extent that open source and new tools for
    coding are intuitive and Apple-like, everyone can now learn the new
    must-have, international language: a programming language.

    It’s great to be a fan, a supporter, but why hate the other side and
    compare negatively? It’s like hating the golden girls and boys at school:
    they may not be your style (I was certainly too tall, too red-haired, too
    word nerd to be popular and Barbie and Ken will never be the ideal to me.
    Too conventional.), but it does ring a bit hollow. I love the apologists
    making excuses for their machines and saying: _It’s really not that bad you
    know. Excellent criterion.

    The way I see it, haters wish they could reach the achievements of a man
    for whom deserving/ not deserving the label *genius* was probably
    irrelevant. By the definition of *genius*, we may never have the
    information to know whether he was one or not. Who cares? His towering
    achievements and obsessive excellence are what matters. I’m sure he was
    just happy doing his life’s work, cutting throats striving to be the best
    and enjoying his well-deserved success. Now he’s going to be portrayed as a
    texy badass and that is probably the most offensive thing of all to the

    True, Jobs was a difficult personality, who stirred up plenty of
    controversy. Most troubling of all are the reports about Apple
    manufacturing plants in China. His contemporaries have talked about his
    ability to recognize his flaws (a trait most highly successful people
    share) and have expressed their tremendous admiration for him. What do you
    see at every tech (and other) presentation of every kind, on the main
    stage? Apple after Apple after Apple laptops and devices. These
    over-priced-yet-worth-every-penny devices smile serenely and say, “Don’t
    hate me cos I’m beautiful.”

    (Via +Michael Hodge)

    Note: I have procured for myself a Nexus tablet. That’s just another great
    thing about Apple users: we’re free-spirited, open-minded. ; ) ?

  13. Jennifer Ruggiero says:

    What do you guys think about the Jobs trailer?

    I am excited about seeing this film, regardless of what critics may say. ?

  14. Ammar Albarghouthi says:

    Check out #Jobs Official Trailer. Will you watch? I cant wait!

  15. Daryl Ford says:

    I’m pretty sure he dies at the end, but I could be wrong… ?

  16. Krisztián Kovács says:

    A szilikonvölgy kalózai kalózai ?

  17. Mark Derricutt says:

    Ok, so this actually looks like it might not suck. Good set of casting

  18. Robert N. Lee says:

    Jesus. ?

  19. Al Remetch says:

    Ashton Kutcher looks like a young Steve Jobs. Not sure if he is capturing
    the Job’s demeanor. Still looks like a must see movie. Although I heard
    Steve Wozniak is not thrilled with it.?

  20. Rich Miller says:

    *Jobs* movie trailer?

  21. Eduardo Carrillo says:

    Wow. I can see why they delayed it. Kutcher’s Jobs looks *okay* but I don’t
    see the story being very good. I’ll stick to Pirates of Silicon Valley as
    my favorite until I see the Aaron Sorkin version. ?

  22. Hillel Fuld says:

    *Must. See. Now!!*

  23. Binoy Xavier Joy says:

    ”Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. Because the people who
    are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
    #Jobs ?

  24. Joel McLaughlin says:


  25. Suan Yeo says:

    Wow, I can’t wait for this. Interesting to see how the different tech
    companies are portrayed. #TheSocialNetwork for FB, #theinternship for
    Google and now #Jobs for Apple. ?

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