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Jobs in Miami for a young adult?

by tom44 on November 8, 2012

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Question by Dancerr__Bethii/Ox: Jobs in Miami for a young adult?
I am a teenager soon thinking of when I get older to move to Miami. I want to be a dancer and when I am around 21 I think I will move to NYC but for the time being Miami. Does anybody know any jobs out there to earn a good pay which is quite easy to do such as shop working ect or is there any dancer jobs you can think of there?

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Answer by jandy
depends on what kind of dancer, stripper? that’s a tough, drug, dangerous crowd in Miami or anywhere. right up there with corruption and criminals. other than that, malls, dadeland for dress shops, movie theatre, waitress, nightclubs, bartender. most jobs pay minimum wage and the rest in tips as you know, you should stay in school, you only get one chance and it’s harder when you get older to finish or decide on school , esp if you have children and have to support your self or any other habits by then, spending, drugs, food, housing, smoking. I interpreted your question as being a stripper aka dancer instead of a professional ballet/theatrical dancer.

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