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Jobs in Chicago?

by tom44 on May 25, 2014

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Question by Michael H: Jobs in Chicago?
Hello everyone! I am trying to move from PA back home to Chicago. I am having a hard time finding work because I am so far away and most companies want me living in the city to do an interview. Anyway, my question is..have you ever been in a situation like this were you had to relocate and how did you do it? Also, what are some good office jobs in Chicago? I know about temp places and have been down that road before. Thanks again!

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Answer by Garry S
Online will be the best way to find work champ….! SAve time and effort… yknow the runaround…. always some jobs happeining… again depends what you’re looking for. Miss Chicago. Down in Australia at the moment and going to South Africa in june. Best wishes!!

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3 thoughts on “Jobs in Chicago?

  1. bodinibold says:

    Why not plan a mini vacation here and conduct several interviews? You could contact the companies and tell them you’ll be in town from X day to X day and set up all your interviews then. Maybe come in for two or three days and talk to X company one day and then X company another. You could even arrange to interview with X company in the morning and X company in the afternoon. You don’t have to live in the city to interview. I’ve had job offers in NYC, Akron, Ohio; and Minneapolis and flown to each interview for a day and came right back home, sometimes the next day. Just tell them you are in the process of relocating.

    Now if you DO get one of the jobs, be prepared to move back to the city very quickly. The most they will give you to start will probably be two weeks, so you should start getting your relocation money together now, if you are serious about moving back. YOu could even pack up things you have now that you don’t really need to have out to be ready to go (knickknacks, pictures on the wall, etc.)

    as far as good office jobs, who know? YOu have to do the leg work on that one yourself. Just check,, even and see what’s out there. Only you know what is a “good office job” to you.

  2. chuylopezba says:

    I don’ think there is job in chicago and any other city of US. because of the economic crisis, many people are loosing their jobs

  3. Katie S says:

    I’ve actually relocated to Chicago from Pittsburgh almost a year and a half ago. I planned some time off of work (A vacation of sorts) to come to Chicago and I lined up some interviews for that time. Unfortunately you will have to travel a bit to lock down a job. Once the potential employer meets you in person maybe they will be be willing to do a phone interview after that if they really like you.

    I searched Career Builder and Monster and another online place to check is craigslist. Once you do find a job, craigslist also will have lists of people looking for roommates. You could stay with the roommates at first until you get situated and then find your own place and figure out what area of the city you like.

    A lot of the people that I work with went through a temp agency because they were relocating here from other states. I fortunately, didn’t have to do that, but tell the temp place when you can plan to be in Chicago and have them line up a bunch of interviews as well. Do lots of research. The internet can be your guide.

    You’re going to love this city!!! Good Luck!

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