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Jobs in Austin tx for a 16 yr old?

by tom44 on April 11, 2014

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Question by Amber: Jobs in Austin tx for a 16 yr old?
I turned 16 in December and do NOT want a job in food service. Where could I get a job anywhere besides a food place?? Please help!

Best answer:

Answer by Rob
google your child labor laws to find
out where and when u can work.
then apply any where the doors open.

understand u on bottom of hiring lists
so the choosier u are the less u get.

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One thought on “Jobs in Austin tx for a 16 yr old?

  1. Bucky763 says:

    I also live in Austin and Im 17.

    You can try to apply to H.E.B as a bagger. You can apply online through an application and fill out a form before submitting it digitally, but you should call the following week to confirm they received your application, which increases your chance of getting the job.

    I think the minimum age is 16 but it may be 17, you would probably have to call to find out for sure.

    Good luck in finding a job!


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