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Jobs for a teen in Tennessee ?

by tom44 on March 22, 2014

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Question by William: Jobs for a teen in Tennessee ?
I am 15 and my 16 birthday is in 9 months are there any jobs for me other than babysitting an cutting grass

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try places like ocharleys or incredible pizza, i have worked at both of these resturants and im only 16 . try looking in places other than fast food places. more adults compete in those jobs and you wont get hired. try family fun places they usually hire teens. GOOD LUCK!

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One thought on “Jobs for a teen in Tennessee ?

  1. Patricia says:

    While you will be 16 in 9 months, you will be 15 for 9 months. That’s what employers look at. You can’t drive to a job, so you need to look at something within walking distance of your home. That usually limits 15-year-olds to babysitting, lawn work, dog walking, washing windows and cars, etc.

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