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Jobs for a 15 Year old in Knoxville,Tennessee?

by tom44 on May 1, 2014

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Question by ?~*~Me?issa?Nico?e~*~?: Jobs for a 15 Year old in Knoxville,Tennessee?
im in desperate need of a job. My dad just recently got laid off,he is drawing unemployment but is only getting $ 174 a week and that all goes on Kerosene because we dont have central air/heat in our house and the only person working is my my mom,which she only gets paid about $ 500 every two-weeks. And thats not enough for a family of five plus 2 dogs. my dog recently got sick and i had to take him to the vet and it costed my mom $ 165 ,i have to pay her back for it because the money she used was for groceries and for the light bill. Alot of people dont think it is hard when someone isnt working,REALLY it is. Im trying to be responsible enough to help out my parents as much as i can. I had to give my christmas money to them to pay the bills & buy groceries. My older sister is 17 and she doesnt seem to care. And im 15,my little sister is only 12. ive already tried babysitting,and it doesnt seem to help much. i need a REAL job.ive applied for texas road house(this was 5-6 months ago) and im still waiting…im tired of it too. ive been told AppleBees hires at 15 but im not sure. I want to work at a resturaunt,not the mall or a grocery store((ive already tried applying for them too). i just need someone to give me ideas that THEY KNOW will hire me. im a very responsible person,i have a GREAT work ethic,im nice and friendly also so i dont think it will be hard for me getting a job but it is.
Im waiting for some of your guys’ answers please help me.
Thanks & best wishes

Best answer:

Answer by Ann
At 15 you can do chores, but not really old enough to do ‘real’ jobs yet. (illegal state/federal laws).
I know that you want to help, but your Dad needs to apply for social help (welfare, food pantry, housing credits, heating help, etc.) so the weight isn’t on your shoulders.
Your job is to go to school.

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