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JOBS Does Washington Give a Shit White House Shuts Down The President’s Jobs Council

by tom44 on April 30, 2013

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MIRRORED BY: cuz4concernĀ· JOBS IN AMERICA GOING GONE GONE !! DOES WASHINGTON GIVE A SHIT Obama shuts down jobs council ahead of jobs report … The White Hou…
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6 thoughts on “JOBS Does Washington Give a Shit White House Shuts Down The President’s Jobs Council

  1. LEE CROW says:

    This country has been out of control for a while now,lets just hunkerdown and take care of the ppl. we care about.Family is important , some in america has sold their loved ones off in inslavement along time ago.This country is greedy , sueing seems to be the norm.(where is the incentive if? they will just take it away)We slowly let our country be taken over along time ago.We need to clean house before we can go further and release new tech.

  2. Dewdaahman says:

    @1:41 “24, 25 million People in the wrong situation..” lol.. if you tie someone up and throw them into a box, called NAFTA created mass unemployment, they are NOT in a situation, they? are in a box your threw them into.. you have made it impossible for those that want to work to find meaningful employment.. you’ve destroyed yet another arrow in the quiver that made us strong.. imo..

  3. Mary Finchum says:

    he only makes jobs for his buddys . the only people that gets grants from the gov. are people in their click ,big cities, education institutions and so on… .just like Chattanooga they’re want a gov. grant now for a? in door shooting range, for the police, not the pubic asking for 3 or 4 millions in grant money

  4. Dewdaahman says:

    the aim is not to fix the crisis but to heap more suffering onto the American? People.. when we’ve had our fill, and the time will present itself, we will become the consequences of their actions, and inactions.. they are 1/2 way out the back window with the silver tea set folks.. ya gonna let’em take it all..? your postarity, your post heirs, are in their pockets.. they are playin’ pocket pool with your grandchildren’s lives..

  5. journey344 says:

    he really is… much is about to go down? and rather quickly!

  6. theoldmarine1 says:

    Satan is advising? OBAMA

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