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“Job Retraining and the Economy” on HOUSTON 8

by tom44 on July 26, 2012

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The headlines tell us that the stock market is coming back, that companies are starting to hire, and that the future looks bright. But on the other hand, home prices continue to fall, foreclosure rates are increasing, and unemployment remains at more than 9 percent. In today’s market– where are the jobs and what skills are needed? How take what we already know and refine it for the future? Guests: Sue Cruver, Public Information Officer, Workforce Solutions; Dr. Steven Craig, Professor Of Economics, University Of Houston; Rick Gillis, Job Search Expert, Author, “The Real Secret To Finding A Job”; taping date January 27, 2011;
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3 thoughts on ““Job Retraining and the Economy” on HOUSTON 8

  1. iceyCRAKAS says:

    ferguson, your? a boss

  2. nferguson27 says:

    0:55 pimp enters the room?

  3. xrebelx712x says:

    what the heck is this… for god’s sake would? somebody throw a pie

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