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Job Relocation: Washington or California?

by tom44 on May 17, 2014

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Question by Eric W: Job Relocation: Washington or California?
I am looking to move from east coast to west coast, my choices are narrowed down to Washington (Seattle, Redmond area) and California (San Jose, or Irvine).

The reason for such choice of locations is due to availability of technology jobs. Any advice or pros and cons?


Best answer:

Answer by edgar(back for now) lol.
California has a better job market, plus the weather is better,

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2 thoughts on “Job Relocation: Washington or California?

  1. anotherbsdparent says:

    I live in between the two (Oregon) but I’m familiar with both.

    The house prices and traffic stinks in both places but weather is very different.

    Seattle: Grey, dull, wet, grim for a lot of the year.
    San Jose: Bright, sunny but not too hot most of the year.

    Portland in Oregon is in the middle and probably deserves its reputation as being the most livable city on the West coast. There’s no shortage of techy jobs here, but there are more in San Jose.

  2. Bethanierose says:

    Definitely Seattle. It might rain alot (and I mean alot) but it’s beautiful because of it. And the cost of living in general is still less in Washington than California. But I also agree with one of the previous answers – Portland is probably the best city you could live in on the West Coast. Good jobs and lots to do.

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