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Job outlook for energy technology?

by tom44 on May 17, 2014

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Question by Brett: Job outlook for energy technology?

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Answer by unclefrank
you might want to expand your question a bit…….

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2 thoughts on “Job outlook for energy technology?

  1. Joseph says:

    Overall pretty good, but what part of energy tech are you talking about?

  2. Marcia says:

    You would think that there would be jobs out there…..Fourtunately not, the latest change in local and Federal elected officials msay make it a bit slower and harder coming. Fourtunately, the unrest in the Middle East is being blamed on the rising, petrol based, energy costs. Unfortunately, the true driver of the rising energy cost is trading (as in economic speculation) which is somewhat unrelated to the actual value of the item being traded; somewhat similar to the house flipping, trading speculation, and instrument development that led us to the housing crisis. Fortunately, we’ve got the housing crisis in our recent past and current experience base. Unfortunately, housing speculation led to the collapse of the banking (and finance industries) and while we closed some of the potential problems, we left other holes wide open. Fortunately, for those interested in energy technology, we are likely to be closer to a crisis situation in terms of cost, finance, economic recovery, availablity, access to traditional sources of energy, and possibly even national security before we are ready to fully invest in energy technology, energy innovations, and more.

    On the other hand, as costs rise there are a whole lot of “big boys” whose business is to manufacture, sell, or use actual products that use a lot of traditionally generated energy. GM may have found that offering cash incentives and rebates is helping them sell bigger vehicles that use more gas to the general populace right now, but, the guys who crunch numbers, costs, and profit margins on a large scale are investing in things like new air planes that use less fuel for their carrying capacity. 30 years ago or so, Jimmy Carter went on TV and asked us to turn down our thermostats; I can’t tell you the number of folks I know who addressing their heating costs this past year as costs have risen! Many who can, are addressing changes they can make to their dwellings and landscaping too. There is an active and voting contingent that do not believe that there are particularly environmental, contamination, product material concerns, food stream, air quality, nor water quality problems world wide, country wide, or locally; an amazing number of folks are continuing to explore, learn, and understand how these issues affect them selves, their families, and their own back yards. They are just now starting to get a better grasp of the issues revolving around the international balance of trade, economics and how money circulates, local versus national profits, etc… As the speculative trading in energy shares continues to raise the end-user cost of energy amid the Middle East crisis and/or any other event that raises speculations, I suspect that there will be a renewed, grass roots emphasis on energy technology. Just wait until vehichle fuel reaches $ 4.50-$ 5/gallon and we face rising costs while salaries and wages continue to drop; some might call this an inflation type of action.

    Even if the US is not interested in energy technology – China sure is as they are now the biggest maker of solar panels with the US being the biggest single customer. Europe is interested in all sorts of energy technology. Africa is a potentially big market for all sorts of low cost, non-petrol based, energy technology. The Middle East is already investing in alternative energy and energy technology as is much of South America. Those that still manufacture in the US are exploring ways to reduce their own manufacturing energy costs as well as the energy usage of the items they produce. Individual utility companies and municipalities are certainly investing in energy technology as the availablility and costs of their traditional sources of energy change.

    I think that there will be opportunity both within and outside the US for energy technology jobs.

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