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Job on a cruise ship?!?!!?

by tom44 on September 2, 2013

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Question by XFrankieX: Job on a cruise ship?!?!!?
Basically I want to work on a cruise ship working in the kids club.
does anyone have advice on how to go about it or what course to take.
Im currently doing childcare qulification at college.
How much does the job pay?

taa x

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Answer by mikeydonatelli
I provided a link for you. My friend loved the computers job he held.

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4 thoughts on “Job on a cruise ship?!?!!?

  1. Mrsjvb says:

    you need about 2 years experience first. salary will be based on said experience and other qualifications.

  2. Sadly Broke says:

    You will need some experience before you apply to work on a cruise ship.

    There is one open position on from Excite Recruitment at the moment:

    Cast-A-Way advertised some childcare jobs for Disney Cruises recently, perhaps it’s worth contacting them:

    But as I said, you will most likely have to have some work experience from a similar job onshore to be successful.

    These guys may be able to assess your situation and tell you what to do:

    Good luck.

  3. seacat says:

    You will need your qualification (some lines require a Bachelor’s degree) and at least two years experience. However, if you have any experience with kids (babysitting, summer camp, volunteering at a local school or playcenter, etc) you may get a seasonal contract. This is a good way to see whether or not you like it, as you can go for just a few weeks during the busy period (summer vacation or Thanksgiving – New Year’s for example).

    A seasonal contract pays around $ 1000 per month, and includes meals and board. Your only expenses are personal – what you spend ashore or in the ship’s nightclubs 😉 Full-time contracts, lasting five to seven months, pay around $ 1250 per month, and some cruise lines increase this with subsequent contracts.

    Check each cruise line’s website, they all have a link to careers or employment. DO NOT pay any money to anyone to get you a job – the cruise lines hire youth staff themselves and there is no charge for this. Start with the bigger companies such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, and Princess. Good luck!

  4. Preeti Gupta says:

    A job working on a cruise ship at any of the cruise lines has a lot to offer. If you see yourself as the adventurous type – not someone who can sit contentedly in a cubicle all day, but a person who wants to get out, see the world, meet people, and experience new sights and sounds. It’s people like you who are perfectly suited to employment in the cruise line industry!

    Find a leading website for finding jobs on cruise ships, mega yachts, at beach resorts and as adventure travel & tour guides. We specialize in providing the most useful and up-to-date resources to help you pursue the job of your dreams.

    The cruise ship industry is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the world. Five to ten new luxury liners are being built every year, and with that growth there has been an equally impressive boom in the number of available cruise ship jobs. While many of these employment opportunities are aboard luxury liner cruise ships, you can also find employment on smaller vessels that include everything from eco-tour ships to the Amazon, steamboats that recall the grandeur of 19th-century America, and romantic sailing yachts cruising the Maine shoreline.

    Cruise ship employees also usually get excellent perks and benefits.

    Cruise line employee benefits often include:

    Free room on the cruise ship
    Free meals
    Air travel en-route and homeward bound
    Free laundry
    Free medical insurance (which is required by maritime law)
    Discounts at cruise ship stores and often at land based stores, bars and restaurants
    Reduced price cruise vacations for family and friends
    Wages often paid in cash monthly
    The Experts Tell It Like It Is!

    This is an outstanding time to be looking for a cruise ship job. Over the next two years, thirteen new cruise ships are scheduled to be launched. Ten of these cruise ships are scheduled to be mega cruise ships carrying over 2,000 passengers each. In 2012 cruise lines and their support industries will need to hire over 10,400 new employees! This is on top of the thousands of jobs that need to be filled due to normal turnover. So now is one of the best times ever to make that dream cruise ship job a reality!

    This year’s new launches are in addition to the twenty-eight new cruise ships launched from 2009 and 2011!

    Other Cruise Line Industry Facts

    Since 2000, major cruise lines have launched 87 new cruise ships
    Over the next four years, 21 new cruise ships are scheduled to be launched. Creating over 32,000 new cruise line jobs in addition to the 18,000+ new cruise line jobs created over the last two years!
    The cruise industry is a $ 30 billion industry
    The cruise industry employs 364,000 people and pays over $ 6.2 Billion in wages
    Based on historical occupancy levels, 15.3 million North Americans will go cruising in 2012.

    In the last couple of years, the cruise ship industry has added seventeen new ports of call in the United States, including Baltimore, New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and New York City.
    Cruise ships keep on expanding their itineraries to include more and more ports around the world
    A wide array of jobs are awaiting you aboard any of these cruise ships. And many more forms of entry-level cruise line employment are available, too, ranging from deckhands, ship officers, and maintenance crew to hotel staff, entertainers, tour guides, bartenders and waiters and other food and beverage workers, gift shop clerks, naturalists, and recreation and fitness directors, just to name a few. Plus, onshore jobs at ports-of-call and cruise line corporate offices. You’re sure to find a cruise ship job that will suit your skills and interests.

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