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job in las vegas?

by tom44 on May 2, 2014

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Question by dontrelleaznboi: job in las vegas?
if i wanted to live in vegas after college. what job should i get? a security guard at the hotels or a valet driver. how much do they get paid
if i get a job there what kind of housing should i buy
and what kind of crap do i have 2 put up with as security

Best answer:

Answer by Anakin
Anything in the casinos will pay you well. I will honestly tell you some of the best paying jobs here. You’ll laugh but its true:

Valet Driver
Hotel Manager
Dealers do okay. Typically around $ 40,000 and up depending on the hotel

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4 thoughts on “job in las vegas?

  1. bubbles221984 says:

    I would have to say a vallet driver unless you wouldn’t mind the troubles and problems a security guard could come across.

  2. peilthetraveler says:

    I worked at the casinos in vegas for a few years…dealers dont make 40k per year unless you work on the strip. And being a dealer you get offers to go home early sometimes and its always so tempting to leave early, go home and relax. Expect 25k to 30k per year your first 2 years as a dealer unless you are really really good looking and have an excellent personality…then you can go to hard rock right away and make 60 to 70K per year.

    My friend was a buser and she made about 700 dollars per week in ceasars palace, but in other places expect to make more like 400 to 500 per week depending on where you are at.

    You wont like security, trust me. They dont pay you enough to put up with the kind of crap you will have to deal with. And you aint getting a valet job. Too many people in line for that and all the people that know people are going to get that job first.

  3. LostVega$ says:

    Casino jobs are great. Security guards make about $ 11 to $ 14/hour but they get no tips.

    Valets make less but they are constantly tipped.
    So, there is potential to make alot more.

    Showroom jobs are so much fun.
    Your indoors and you get hourly plus tips.
    And, you get watch the show and see celebs.

    The job market is great. You can do almost anything.

    But, whatever you do, don’t work at a Call Center.
    Those jobs really suck.

    Good luck!!!

  4. Bruce K says:

    what did you go to college for ? could you take something that you learned and apply it for a job here. work with your hands & mind be an engineer. we make make from $ 17.00/ hr downtown, to $ 26.00/hr on strip. union work, appenaship program, pension plan.

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