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job for 19 yr. old italian male in philadelphia?

by tom44 on March 18, 2014

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philadelphia jobs
by jdv+

Question by Heidi: job for 19 yr. old italian male in philadelphia?
i have a friend who is planning on moving from Naples, Italy, to Philadelphia, PA next summer. He can’t move unless he finds a solid job first. He’s going to be 19. He speaks some english but will improve by the time he comes i’m sure. Right now he works sometimes as a DJ for events around Naples.

Does anyone know of any ideas on how to find him a job in philly? He’ll be finished high school by the time he comes, but will not have a college degree. any help would be great!!!

p.s. he does not care at all what field his job is in… it makes it a little more of a complicated search due to that
I should add that he is not the most reliable for things like this all the time, and that is why i am searching with him. he would wait as long as possible to begin searching but i want him to find a job so he can come!!! he will have to find one through a website because phone contact to employers will not work
ONE MORE THING!! 🙂 he is very enthusiastic and active, so his job would probably have to be one that can keep him entertained. If he gets bored i do not think he will continue with it. He is very creative and charismatic so a job involving people would probably be best for him
He does have talents: he is really a very good DJ and does some very large events in italy. a job in that field would probably be his best bet

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Answer by tigri
There is no way he can get a job in the US, certainly not legally. In order to sponsor him for a work visa an employer has to show that they can’t hire an US citizen instead. Which means that your friend would need some qualification of which there aren’t sufficient people in the US.
With no qualifications he is competing with the people with no qualification in the US. And there are more than enough of those. Most countries aren’t interested in immigrants without skills…

His only option would be something like au-pair or something temporary like a working in a summer camp with kids, but that would be only for a few months and he would have to go home afterwards.

If he has lots of money he can try to get a student visa, but he would need to be a full time student, get decent grades. And he could only work on campus.

Otherwise really no go.

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