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Job Conscription???………………?

by tom44 on March 31, 2014

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Question by Julius W: Job Conscription???………………?
I know the U.S. Government says it wouldn’t reinstate wartime conscription unless its really needed, but with the high unemployment rates couldn’t it be possible to “conscript” people to fill certain jobs.

Couldn’t the government to come up with major job creating projects or see what critical professions the country is lacking in (doctors, engineers, teachers, chemist, etc.) and create/ fill job spots with laid off workers.

i’m sure if they revitalized a impoverished city like detroit and bring back the auto plants, they could find many people who got laid off in other parts of the country.

Many people don’t want to get drafted into the military, but if they knew they were going to get a well paying job i’m sure many people wouldn’t mind getting their number called.

The government spends millions and even billions on drafting people for military service, why couldn’t they spend that much money on revitalizing the economy and stimulating job growth throughout the country.

– just an idea

Best answer:

Answer by BRIAN
Conscription is a liberty violation. It’s authorized when the republic is at risk. You can’t take people’s liberty away and force them into labor to get the economy going.

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3 thoughts on “Job Conscription???………………?

  1. Sean says:

    First off the Vietnam war was the last time the draft was instituted and the Selective Service that institutes the draft doesn’t cost millions and billions. They send you a notice when you turn 18 that you have to register and that is it. You fill out the paper work and your name goes into the collective pool in case a draft is instated. Now the national defense budget does reach up into the hundreds of millions but that still isn’t a draft. That is free willing Americans joining out of choice. Those millions and billions, that is what it cost to maintain the Department of Defense as it is today.

    As far as instituting a draft for job placement in the U.S. to spur the economy, well that’s along the lines of socialism to a degree. It’s the polar opposite of capitalism which is how economics in America work. Financially speaking profits in socialism are funneled back into the system of government.

    The first link below is a comparison of Socialism vs. Capitalism, the second is a breakdown of the last few years of the DoD budget. When you look at the numbers they are to be expressed in millions…

  2. CG-23 Sailor says:

    In addition to what Brain said…

    it may be “Just an Idea” but it is a very bad and not well thought out idea. Sorry but true.
    “Couldn’t the government to come up with major job creating projects or see what critical professions the country is lacking in (doctors, engineers, teachers, chemist, etc.) and create/ fill job spots with laid off workers.”

    You can’t just take a guy off the street and say ‘You’re gonna be a Doctor”. If you were to do as you suggest, this is what you would wind up with…
    Dead patients… from your Doctors
    Flawed Machines that fall apart and hurt people…. From your engineers
    Dumb kids that didn’t learn a damn thing… From your teachers
    And Meth cookers…. from your Chemists.

    this idea of yours is like many ideas from liberals. Mearly wishful thinking will “make it so”

    Ohh good idea, Lets just make Jobs and Give them to everyone without one! Problem solved.
    Wishful thinking.
    Reality does not work like the nice little socialist theories tell us it does.
    Creating jobs is not so simple as ordering more from the distributor when supplies get low.

    It’s just as bad an idea and for the same fantasy logic as simply printing more money to combat the national debt.

  3. mgan says:

    The military is not a welfare program. They are already downsizing due to budget cuts and have more than enough unemployed/underemployed people waiting to enlist. Dumb idea!

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