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Jack Welch: “Chicago Guys” Falsify Jobs Numbers

by tom44 on March 23, 2013

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25 thoughts on “Jack Welch: “Chicago Guys” Falsify Jobs Numbers

  1. llew777 says:

    Mr Welch are you sleeping with? Donald Trump? Time for a check up Mr.Welch?

  2. kazooga1234 says:

    sometimes? thumbs down does accidently get hit

  3. jerico641 says:

    Those damn Chicago Guys; Al Capone? is probably behind it all!

  4. theultimaterockr says:

    No, that is not what? I’m saying. I’m saying California didn’t turn in it’s numbers in time for the report thus screwing the whole thing up.

  5. undercoverposter says:

    YOu are implying that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is meesing? wtih the number for politics. WHich is ridiculous, and you have no numbers. You are making stuff up, pretending that for the first time in history, the Bureau of labor Statistics decided to goof around and fudge the numbers.

    IF you had the ability to feel normal shame you would right now, but in stead you just ignore every argument made in this video which already answered every stupid question you have.

  6. theultimaterockr says:

    Oh no! You called me dumb again! lol I’m going to tell you this one more time. If you leave numbers out of an equation there is no way that equation will be right. You can’t just leave out the jobs numbers from the most populated state with one of the highest unemployment numbers. Oh I’m not a birther but Hillary Clinton is.? She started that whole thing when she was running against Obama.

  7. starcraft90 says:

    “Get of my? lawn!”

  8. Valerie Godwin says:

    “I don’t? want to put (my) words in MY mouth…” lol

  9. undercoverposter says:

    NO you present conclusions that you jump to. I don’t know if you know but the economists that study this stuff put out a report that says the unemployment rate is 7.8%.

    So yeah, your dumb. Plus you are bad at youtube debate.

    You and Jack and trump should spend some more time in hawaii looking? for birth certificates.

  10. theultimaterockr says:

    So I present facts and I’m dumb? You do understand math equations can be worked in both directions correct? You have done basic algebra right? In science you often know the answer before you know why it’s right.? All I’m telling you is what economists have already stated but what do they know? I mean, it’s not like it’s their job to study the economy or anything. They’re just dumb like me. Derp

  11. undercoverposter says:

    god you’re dumb. You don’t start from a conclusion and then find the facts, you find the facts and then reach a conclusion. If you keep doing it the way you’ve been doing it you’re going to keep getting a ton of shit? wrong.

  12. theultimaterockr says:

    Cali has one of the highest unemployment rates in? the country, it is the most pop. state, and is the 2nd biggest econ. (8th in the world if it were it’s own country). With an unemployment rate of 10.6% I hardly see how it could drop the national unemployment that far. I’m no conspiracist but all the info somehow all of the sudden favors the president right in time for the election with the next report due out after it’s held and over with. Prior to this we had 43 straight months over 8% strange

  13. waltermh111 says:

    either wy, too many assumptions being made here on both sides, so i will give you that we dont know. The big state could have an unemployment number that would have made the 7.8 a 7.6.

    So the numbers are? screwed up either way.
    As to 20 year growth, its possible, even 30 year record is possible.

    I heard economists say alot of things. We will see next week I guess. Then one side or the other can eat crow.

    Not like i have a stake in it.

  14. waltermh111 says:

    video.foxbusiness . com/v/1895154066001/california-makes-statement-about-jobs-data/
    There is no confirmation that california is the state to miss sending complete data.
    It only said a big state, which can mean quite a few.
    So your basing everything? on an assumption. This has also been a state that apparently misses sending data more than once so the numbers are still going down in absolute terms if they missed reporting last week also.
    Or fox is just reporting on confusing statements.

  15. theultimaterockr says:

    Well obviously not ALL of them, that’s a given. And no California wasn’t calculated into the last report because the numbers weren’t in in time. My point was that California is still at 10.6% unemployment and leaving them out screws up the numbers because it is the most populated state with the 2nd largest economy out of all the states. I heard an economist say something to the? effect of ‘to have the numbers jump like that it would have to been the largest single month job growth in 20 years’.

  16. waltermh111 says:

    All the economists huh?
    I have never heard all economists ever agree on anything.

    Also, yes, california is calculated into old and new numbers and if it goes down? and the national rate goes down, then yes, .3% is not surprising.

    Why debate if you will pull numbers out of your butt like .01%
    Take this a little more serious.

  17. Eduardo Sanchez says:


  18. theultimaterockr says:

    yeah it might have made it go down by maybe .01% but that’s about it. The? numbers don’t add up. California still has an unemployment rate of 10.6%. It is the state with the highest population (over 10 million more people than the next highest pop. Texas), so it makes all the difference in the world. Anyway all the economist were stunned when the numbers came out the way they did because they predicted it would be 8.1% to 8.3%. Now we know why

  19. LawoftheLandPA says:

    Jeez, the Crypt Keeper is? looking terrible!

  20. brogs60 says:

    He’s just throwing shit, to see? if some sticks !

  21. waltermh111 says:

    i dont get it, the rate dropped in california also so the? numbers would still be lower than before.

  22. AbnormalWrench says:

    I got 5 words into your comment and down voted it.?

  23. LaybrosLolz says:

    Oh thats what I ment,? hes funny without trying to be a comedian! Hes just hangin out with his friend laughin and jokin!

  24. NY OneLove says:

    I sort of agree, except that I find Shure? moderately funny lol

  25. LaybrosLolz says:

    I like the addition of Michael Shure who is? just trying to be a funny guy and provides a build for the “pro” comedian Jimmy

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