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ITT Exelis – Overseas IT jobs in Kuwait

by tom44 on September 29, 2013

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Learn what it’s like to work in Kuwait and help manage one of the world’s most challenging computer networks.
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11 thoughts on “ITT Exelis – Overseas IT jobs in Kuwait

  1. Austin Alba says:

    Former ITT Exelis employee here:
    Don’t let this company lie to you, they will cut your throat if you cross them and they treat you like? garbage.

  2. MyFunLifeIdaelp says:

    Hi Chris,

    First of all awesome video, it is very satisfying to work in the field that you like and at the same time enjoy the best moments with your family. My name is Idael Pineiro, I have a (MIS) and I am Network Specialist. It is of my best interested to work? with ITT Exelis. Since I was in college two years a go I have been following the company. Two of my former Cisco teachers are currently working with the company in Kuwait.

    Thank you

  3. RubberIceCream says:

    Salary is important? however, job satisfaction in working with safe & intelligent people is more important e.g. can’t spend it if you’re dead. Plus, I get mean (which comes in handy at times) when my wife is not near enough to see on an off schedule basis. Kuwait is great, and unacompanied is out of the question. No spouse, no multiple-multiple skills.Thanks for the information, and Merry Christmas. (partial reponse to the post below).

  4. FUreplygirl says:

    I would highly discourage anyone from taking an overseas job with these guys. ITT is known for offering less than competitive wages for its European/ downrange jobs. Once you get hired, don’t expect any type of performance based raise because there’s always an excuse not to give you one.? I worked for ITT for several years and my wage never went up but my salary decreased every year as benefits were taken away and overtime was replaced with comp time. ITT does not care about it’s work force.

  5. Swapna Kottala says:

    HI Let me know about different jobs in kuwait and earnings please

  6. kimellastephens says:

    What an? awesome video

  7. jobinthesun5 says:

    If you are looking for a overseas job than visit : w w w . j o b i n t h e s u n . c? o m

  8. SusieExelis says:

    exelisinc? – you will need to apply online

  9. cfusvi says:

    Hi Chris,
    I heard that a person can get a great job over there paying very well and you can work on contract for just 6month or a year. I am a certified RF/Communication Tower Technician and also have lots of networking experience. Would there be jobs in my field? How would I even get started? in finding out how I could get employed over there?
    Thanks for this video it is very informative. All the best to you and your family over there.

  10. Leila Ardian says:

    hi there chris, can u contact me directly on here on youtube bc i am in the process of hiring on for aps 5 in kuwait and i really found your video interesting bc of the fact u were able to bring your family along since i want to bring my family with too. i look forward to any insight that u may have for? me

  11. beyondtrendy2 says:

    Wooow that? looks great! how can I make it happen for me

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