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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie on Jobs

by tom44 on September 10, 2012

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24 thoughts on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie on Jobs

  1. toe2thaknee says:

    What? episode is this from>

  2. anonymousQ45 says:

    some peoples qualifications make them over qualified for a job,? and legally they are entitled to more money for their experience, businesses wont hire you for that reason. a family friend of mine runs an architecture company and was looking for someone with engineering experience, but looked over applicants with high experience because he didnt want to pay them. from wat ive learned, finding a job is 30% skills and 70% of building a network of helpful friends

  3. neogeon says:

    Maybe be less stoned next time you try to type things like this.

    restaurants are always HIRING.

    Still, most require experience, and if you have? a degree and real work experience, a restaurant job won’t do shit for you.

  4. pwleed says:

    11 people can’t find? a job (helmet)

  5. MrLieinourgraves41 says:

    Well? done.

  6. 0igres says:

    if you go to college they give you a jobby? axe

  7. McStabYou says:

    Dude, it’s been a year. I’d? bet he has a job by now.

  8. abelabliss says:

    dude restaurants are always applying. ?

  9. DollfieFace says:

    Haha, you can see Danny almost breaking into a smirk 2-3 times in this? scene

  10. CozmikMonkey says:

    Ditto man,? ditto.

  11. Deth43 says:

    i will use this video to get my point? across to all the haters who hate on my for not having a job.

  12. pisceanchic says:

    Memorizing Charlie’s words as we speak…?

  13. xxenkixx says:

    frank’s trying hard not to laugh.? I don’t even know how he managed to keep a straight face.

  14. Camilo Crimson says:

    but what about a business initiative… I mean as there is a lack of jobs in my city I decided to become? my own boss. I’m using my inteligence and skills to do it, I’m sure your husband can do the same.

  15. donnabarner1 says:

    My husband is laid off after 42 yrs. He would shovel shit against the tide if someone? would hire him. Businesses don’t hire guys 59 yrs old.

  16. Camilo Crimson says:

    dude… i recently learned that you can get a? job no matter what. If you want to work you will work in whatever is there available.

  17. AirJordan22 says:

    Hai :/ I has no? humore

  18. AlejandroInAustin says:

    Job cannon? How about the? straight up cash cannon… cut out the middle man.

  19. shogunduck says:

    I’d like a? Jobbee.

  20. GDeadVT says:

    Obama saw this? scene and then prepared and proposed his economic bill.

  21. Szaam says:

    Of all the things you could get angry about? it, you get angry about this? Evaluate your priorities.

  22. AuthenticProphetic says:

    Shut up.? Just shut up.

  23. Donovan Fletcher says:

    wow. every single comment section has a stupid comment like this. I love how everyone’s doing everything? in the world not to laugh….. how so? he’s just standing there acting.

  24. leakeg says:

    it was a joke? you dumb cunt.

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