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IT Job Market in Sacramento?

by tom44 on May 8, 2014

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Question by Steve Aggor: IT Job Market in Sacramento?
I’m getting my computer science degree from Northern Illinois University in a few years and was wondering what the IT job market is like in Sacramento? I’d like to move there after I finish school. I know that the job market in California has been in the slumps but I’m looking into the IT field in the Northern part of Cali.

GPA will be a 3.6/4.0 at least. I don’t have actual work experience but I’ll be doing 2 internships.

What are the most valuable IT skills? I’m pretty fluent in using all Office. What other IT skills and certifications should I pick up? Like Java?

What else can I do to increase my chances of landing a job there?
Would my chances increase if I was fluent in multiple languages?

Best answer:

Answer by Sergio__
Why would you want to work as an IT if you have a degree in computer science? That’s like getting a degree in mechanical engineering to become a mechanic. In other words, it is possible but you can do more.

The two largest players in the technology field in this area are HP and Intel. There’s a fair amount of jobs for CS majors in the area, however job opportunities are nowhere close to the Bay Area and Sillicon Valley (2 hours from here).

You should go to websites like,,, etc and see how many companies are hiring CS majors or software engineers and see what kind of skills they want.

BTW, for IT, being multilingual won’t make a difference.

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