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Is this a responsible decision?

by tom44 on November 11, 2012

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Question by Confused Girl: Is this a responsible decision?
I am 20 years old work as a CNA and am in school to pursue a nursing degree. I live in Miami and my local CC has a long waiting list for the nursing program. I am also in a long distance relationship, my boyfriend lives in a small town six hours away (it is so hard). We have been together for almost five years. I am currently still taking pre requisites. I have more to go before I can apply for the nursing program. I have been considering moving with my boyfriend for school. I was hoping to move next summer, I am almost sure I will be able to find a job, being that I already know someone who can put in a good word for me and I have experience plus being bilingual is actually rare in that little town lol. So I would live with him and we will pay bills together and such things… Right now I live with my parent’s and basically just save my money. My goal for my savings is to buy a car. Hopefully by the summer I would be able to get a decent enough car. I know it will be super difficult to leave my family for the first time and leave the big city life for small town country living, so I am worried about my emotional health. I have also never lived with my boyfriend so do not know how that would be. I just hope none of this affects my grades because I am very hard on myself when it comes to getting A’s. Do you think I would be setting myself up for failure?
No what? Care to elaborate?

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One thought on “Is this a responsible decision?

  1. Caligula says:

    It sounds as if you have really thought this through. It’s not clear to me whether you intend to continue pursuing your nursing degree after you move, and I hope that you do intend to.

    If it doesn’t work, will your parents take you back temporarily? I would hope that you have a backup plan just in case, because it really will be a huge change

    But you do seem to have thought this out in a mature manner, and I can’t think of anything more you could do to ensure that this will be successful. For example, the car: if you’re not in an area with good public transportation, a car can be a necessity even though it’s a luxury for those of us who live in cities with good transit systems. Nothing is certain, of course, but if I were your friend or parent I’d be sad to see you go but excited for you as well.

    Good luck.

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