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Is there any jobs in portland oregon for a 10 yr old including dogs?

by tom44 on September 5, 2012

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Question by GREEN DAY: Is there any jobs in portland oregon for a 10 yr old including dogs?
My friend loves dogs and she needs a summer job.
Is getting a job at 10 really illeagle?

Best answer:

Answer by tayloo_heartsyou
Try asking down at your local animal shealters. They are always looking for some help & your friend can specificly help with the dogs.

Hope I helped!

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5 thoughts on “Is there any jobs in portland oregon for a 10 yr old including dogs?

  1. triniti says:

    child labor is illegal in the USA

  2. $arah ! says:

    i doubt you will be able to get a job…but you might be able to volunteer although they might say you need a parent with you not sure on that one just have to ask local shelters

  3. thx1120 says:

    you have to be at least 16 years old with a work permit to work. and yes it is illegal to work at 10yrs old. that said your friend can volunteer at some animal rescue or animal shelter. or can walk someones dog(s).

  4. Nekkid Dog © says:

    Sorry but a 10 year old cannot legally work! There are child labor laws that prevent children from working. You cannot legally work until 16 (sometimes 14 with a work permit)… the exception to the rule is if its a buisiness owned by your family.

    It may suck.. but its there to protect kids! Before these laws were in place, kids were put to dangerous tasks and were paid very little for it.

    She may be able to petsit or dog walk for neighbors, friends and family.

  5. PRINTS says:

    Maybe the 10 yr. old can walk dogs for neighbors, work along with their parent to take care of animals while people are at work – like letting them out and playing with them, or offering to shovel up doggie duty for neighbors.

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