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is there a lot of jobs in the medical billing and coding?

by tom44 on June 10, 2012

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Question by jeanny d: is there a lot of jobs in the medical billing and coding?
I live in boston, ma I want to take the medical billing and coding certificate program. I want to know if there are a lot jobs in that field.

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Answer by rwa000
there are more people with certificates than there are jobs

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2 thoughts on “is there a lot of jobs in the medical billing and coding?

  1. jannsody says:

    Unfortunately, it seems as though a lot of medical billing companies are outsourcing to Asia/India. My cousin had gotten laid off from her medical billing job of five years for that very reason.

    If really wanting to chance it and take a course, please look into a more affordable program such as through the county vo-tech school or community college as long as it’s accredited within the industry.

  2. TTC baby #3 says:

    I am taking online 3 difffer classes right now for medical claims and billing, medical transcription, medical and dental assistant. I think there are alot of jobs available as of right now in the medical field. I think that it would be easy right now to find a job doing billing. Cause no matter how bad the economy gets theres always going to be a need for hospitals and doctors and nursing homes etc. they all have to have billers. so I think that it wouldn’t be hard to get a job in this field. good luck!

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