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Is Spokane a good place to live?

by tom44 on May 3, 2013

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Question by Scarey: Is Spokane a good place to live?
I currently live in portland and will be graduating soon so my family and I are looking to relocate to a city with affordable housing, decent schools, easy access to nature, and what the job market is like for medical and legal professions?
What are some good neighborhoods to look at?
I also wanted to know if there are any new age shops out there or organic/natural food stores.
Would you say its a good mix between rural and city?

Best answer:

Answer by fatsausage
If you move from Portland to Spokane – you will be very disappointed.
Spokane is the opposite of sophisticated. It has very little culture.
I suggest you stay near the Coast.
For example – Eugene or Medford would be preferable to Spokane.

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