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Is san antonio a good place to live?

by tom44 on June 22, 2013

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Question by joseph[infi]: Is san antonio a good place to live?
Iam moving there in march and wanted to know about the quality of the people, the crime , and most importantly the jobs. I have a choice of either houston or austin or san antonio. I work in retail for walgreens as an overnight clerk atm.

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Answer by Mr. New England
i havent been myself but heard from 2 seperate people how great it was there…supposedly the Riverwalk is amazing in san antonio

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2 thoughts on “Is san antonio a good place to live?

  1. Irreplaceable says:

    I live in San Antonio. The only down side is the weather. On Saturday, it was 80 in the middle of winter. And yesterday, it was cold. But aside from that, it’s great. I really like the riverwalk.
    In my neighborhood, there is not much crime at all. All the people are really friendly.

  2. golftango29 says:

    I lived there for five years. I miss it everyday.

    Weather: Hot in the summer, spring and fall. July/Aug are the worst of course. Cooler in the winter. Expect strange patters, 70/80 one day, ice storm the next.

    Crime: Quite a few robberies/car theft, no different from any larger metropolitan area (SA is about 1.3 million people). Check the Crimebase for statistics. There is a large Hispanic population and some neighborhoods, especially in the South side, are questionable. Apartments a plenty. Places like Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Medical Center, Hollywood Park and Shavano Park are some of the better places to live.

    Jobs: It is pretty diverse. San Antonio is the call-center mecca of the USA. Citibank, American Express, WaMu, AT&T, USAA, etc. all have huge call centers here. WaMu and Citi might be the only questionable ones as they are going through a rough patch. Toyota has a huge plant that builds the Tundra. Also a large medical field here. Many large hospitals in the Medical Center area. Several shopping malls too, so there are retail opportunities.

    Of the three cities you listed, I would pick SA. Austin is a wonderful city too, but a tad more expensive than SA. Houston, well, I never liked Houston.

    Good Luck!

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