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Is Raleigh NC worth the move?

by tom44 on September 16, 2013

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Question by nick: Is Raleigh NC worth the move?
I am a 25 yr old male and I’m thinking about moving to Raleigh, NC. What does the city has to offer? Can it compete with Charlotte or Atlanta? I hear that it is a city on the rise.

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Answer by MLaw
Raleigh is a very pleasant, friendly (all of NC is friendly) city, more laid back & lower cost than Charlotte & a LOT more pleasant & laid back than Atlanta. It’s proximity to Duke, UNC, NCSU, Wake Forest & the Research Triangle is a big plus.

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One thought on “Is Raleigh NC worth the move?

  1. rob1977nc says:

    It’s a great city to live and work in, but don’t move here unless you know you’ll be able to easily find a job. There have been tons of newcomers here in the past decade, and unfortunately some have moved here thinking they would find a job, but haven’t. So make sure career-wise, everything is in order before you do it.

    It can compete with Charlotte or Atlanta, but in different ways. Charlotte’s main industry is banking. But Raleigh-Durham region is more geared towards computers/technology, bio/medical, scientific, and related-industries. It’s just a completely different coorporate culture here.

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