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Is Obama doing a good job ……?

by tom44 on May 4, 2014

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Question by RIGHT IS RIGHT: Is Obama doing a good job ……?
Is Obama doing a good job of destroying America or a bad job of fixing America ?

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Answer by i
Horrible job. Pick me cause I am very cute.

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3 thoughts on “Is Obama doing a good job ……?

  1. Anna, The bichie Libertarian says:

    Thou shall not answer thine question.

  2. Maximilien Robespierre says:

    Both. Simultaneously.

  3. Anthony says:

    It is so hard to fix something that has been totally broken and destroyed by eight years of Bush2.

    The world financial meltdown is a direct consequence of many years of bad fiscal policy when Republicans were in power and has left carnage and cost tax payers over 16 trillion dollars to date in America alone and has put every American in over 50,000USD debt.

    This is real and it will take many years to fix and recover from the mistakes Republicans have made…..There are no quick fixes…. This has impacted upon the entire globe ….you really need to get your head around this….its serious..

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